Please translate a song (maybe Armenian, Chechen or Avar)!

Thread: Please translate a song (maybe Armenian, Chechen or Avar)!

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  1. Isabella said:

    Default Please translate a song (maybe Armenian, Chechen or Avar)!

    Please help translating this song! On the two other forums I searched users speculated whether the language is Armenian, Chechen or Avar or some other Caucasian language. They first also thought that it's Persian.

    I really do hope that someone can translate the song or even knows the title and the singer.

    The song was recorded on a radio station in Kyrgyzstan in 2011 or 2012 but the language is not Kyrgyz (also check out this thread where the search started:

    Since neither me nor HardWay don't even know the language of the song I'm quite desperate to even finding it. I'd be happy if somebody knew the language and could translate the song or at least tell the title and name of the singer.

    !!Thank you very much in advance!!



    All I can tell you is that it is not in Armenian.

    I am hearing some words (like "dunyam") that suggest it may be a language of Turkic people (although it is definitely not Turkish either). Also, a lot of the words sound like there may be Persian influence (although definitely not Farsi either). Based on that and that you say you recorded it in Kyrgyzstan, I'm almost convinced it's a Central Asian language.

    I wish I could be of more help.