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    Default Christmas Playlist!

    Here's the Christmas playlist for this year, as I've compiled it so far: (this is the whole playlist including the non-Christmas songs) (this is just the Christmas songs)

    I have only heard "Where My Christmas Lives" and "Silver and Gold" once apiece, so they're either rarely played or were taken off at some point.

    Definitely missing are
    "Most Wonderful Time of the Year- Shrift Remix"
    Train's rendition of "This Christmas"
    "Wake Me When It's Christmas" by Shayna Leigh
    "More Than I Asked For" by Joy Williams
    "Christmas Won't Be The Same Without You" by Plain White T's
    "Christmas With You" by Oh, Hush!
    which are not on Spotify.

    I am also definitely missing:

    the version of "Driving Home For Christmas" we play
    a version of "Feliz Navidad": it's a lady (not a high voice) singing all or mostly by herself; I'm fairly sure she says "we want to wish..." instead of "I want to wish..."
    an acapella version of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (originally by Mariah Carey). I think the melody is sung as solos, except "baby!" is sung in harmony.
    A song sung by a woman, with a higher voice this time, with these lyrics (about 80% word-perfect) "Kids are in bed and the fireplace is popping..." "...every single wish that I had written on my list has come true, when I'm with you, you know what to do under the mistletoe." At the end of the song she repeats, "Under the mistletoe, wha-oh!"
    Another by a woman, with these lyrics "Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la, sing a little song, whistle right along, fa-la-la-la-la-la-la, simple little tune, it's Christmas here with you". It also includes the line "we have imaginations that are very unique to you and me". (found, above)

    Let me know if I'm missing anything!
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    I posted about the song that goes "sing a little song, whistle right along" last year and nobody seemed to know, but I found it this year - "Christmas With You" by Oh, Hush! It seems to be found nowhere on the internet, so I had to buy the song just to listen to it.

    Here's the iTunes link the album which contains it:

    I also uploaded it to YouTube:

    Here's some others that you don't have (some may be location specific? not sure):

    - Christmas Won't Be The Same Without You by Plain White T's
    - This Holiday Night by Margo Rey
    - Christmas Wish by 98 degrees
    - Merry Christmas Beautiful by Jim Brickman
    - More Than I Asked For by Joy Williams
    - Keep Me Warm by Erin Bowman
    - Step Into Christmas by Elton John

    (Doubt all of these will be on spotify)

    Great list and good work!

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    Thanks! Some of them are the ones I'd hear and then forget by the time I got off the floor, multiple times. Post updated.

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