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    Default Battle Rap: Written only.

    Not hating on freestyles but I find written raps fun to create and much more interesting to read so lets see some good writtens. You can either just go straight bars or reply to the person above being that I'm gonna set it off I'll have to go just straight bars. Name flips and rebuttals would also be nice to see! Here we go.

    You ain't mess with me cus I know you got no game, take yo girl like a charm and her friend cus i got that flame.
    I'm on x and hash, when I rocky balbulba soar across ya mans face you'll see he know how to rapid dash.
    Been on this rap ish since 2001, strap like pokemon cus ill squirt ol bullets out of this new gun.
    Brain sells cus of my brain cells, got them hands that make christian bail. Share a cell with my homie
    cus he the middleman, magazines that centerfold down ya middleman. Take yo girl so easy cus she like
    this, tell her get down and neck no buts like white chicks. Turn you into a veg, eat a bullet. 40 cal tucked
    in my trunks then I pull it. King kai yo ken smoke rise when I hold it. That's my written verse y'all but I'm
    not a poet.

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    Back once again, your flows weren't good enough, I'm here to warn you homies that I love to play rough. I think that you are lying, when you say that you’re tough, I'll scare you so bad, you turn whiter than marshmallow fluff. I'm not playing with ya, you can call me insane. If you keep on messing with me then you'll burst into flames. If you want to be free you have to play my little games. Now you see that I'm flowing free just like the river Thames. I can stay here and rap all day and all night, but I see you clearly couldn't, cause you have stage fright. I'ma keep rapping, from the dark until light, and like a Big Mac, out of you, I'ma take a bite. Are you scared yet, I see you tremble and shake, if I didn't know any better I'd say you are an earthquake. You say my rapping is fake, see, but you made a mistake, I think I'll just stick around, until you finally break. And now you see that your prediction is false, I'm the clear winner I do the lyrical waltz, I erupt with slick rhymes, I'm a living breathing salse, next time you claim that I can’t rap, I will prove you false. I'm just telling the truth, I tried to explain, when I rap my words hit people, even harder than a train, you know I just can't help myself, I just can't refrain, and I think that you're acting, I'll call you Michael Caine. Now hold on just a moment, the weather may get a bit stormy, you’re walking through the rose bushes, it seems to be a bit thorny, meanwhile, the bars that you spit are oh-so-corny, come on to my side, everybody adores me! I spit so fresh, my flows are so full of rhythm, I can spit anywhere, even with my friends when i’m with ‘em. Come on homie, you can admit that my bars are lavenous, every show that I do, I leave my fans ravenous, I’m a really smooth rapper, my flows will never stagger, not to mention the small fact that I have a lot of swagger, to rap like me, you have to be real smart, and everything that you say you have to mean from your heart, although sometimes, you may be a bit tart, you gotta kill em’ with swag, from the swaggalitious dart. That’s all I’m gonna say, I am no fool, And just keep in your head, that I am the one who rules!

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    Those were some nice guy lines with no emotion or anger, and your bars plain in the building like airport hangers. You playing safety with your girl but I got that DE, flipped a O get a quarter back and I'm straight. But your girl running back to me losing her was your fate, and the reason I touch down in your ex box is you got mad den thought the pump was fake.

    I know these are offensive lines but let me define my shine punchlines when I rhyme hit harder than marshawn lynch in his prime, ya girl fine she let me grind like three times then rewind she like my bars too tell me run it back like hester in 09.

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    leader of the season heavy swinger like jeter
    i lean in the beamer the reason that they say im speeder
    cause **** go down kick it back like its fifa
    this **** is crack while im speaking ,the reason that they say that im fiending
    i blaze it im steaming, my fragrance it lingers
    you can say that im stinking, i exhume a flagrant demeanor
    dont play with my people, forsaken and evil
    by the grace of the demon, fires rage and get strengthen
    wire frames of the weakest, designed and braised with this ether
    im evil do not mess with my people............................................ .......
    i bring death im the reaper, with 3 techs and a squigge
    only regret,,, was no string cheese
    the moment he went your whole team leaves
    i eat beats and devour rappers, im power snapping murder everything
    and take a shower after, it was bound to happen

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    I was gonna straight bars on all yo asses but Iímma spend this coffee break roasting Jun, all his lyrics are **** colored like grounded beans, or like the color of cappucino,

    Jun, that sounds like a Korean *** name. Is it Junho, Junyun, Jung? Man Iím about to steal this manís Seoul ( soul) , iím about to pull a Kowalski on yo ***, Gran Torino/

    You chinito, you ****, you dog eater, this is gonna be your eternal dalmnation you female looking gay *****, you about to be punished by the big dog of war,

    Iíll slice you with the swords of the Last Samurai,

    iíll knock you unconscious like Iím Mach 9, call me prime Hayato Sakurai/

    Iíll cook you up like youíre raw salmon, iím a ****ing cannibal to your people,

    Watch me rearrange pieces of your corpse on a grill and serve myself some Korean barbe-cue

    Iím such a savage but iíll feed your inchworm **** to your neighbors to the north and throw in some mountain dew/

    My lyrics are so Il ( kim jun il), only I can dictate this battle between us.

    My rhymes will **** you more times than that when those white dudes ****ed thaf Asian chick from the movie Shortbus/

    Iíll spit chewed gum in your face and you wouldnít even do a thing you weak ****,

    Iíll rip your apart and eat you alive, youíll be skinnier and looking like a *****, like a members of a male Kpop group /

    When u **** girls your **** is as small as a parasite in terms of mass

    When i ****, itís like a chopstick going up
    her ***/

    Youíre suck a cuck-asian, iím a **** asian, the difference between me and you,

    Is a matter of inches and feet, they say guys who have big feet have big *****, unless youíre a jew/

    My ****, gives her Mass Effect. She gonna experience true pleasure

    Your **** is a Toy Story, shed rather buy a vibrator, cause you just dont measure/-

    Up to the plate. I hit her like i hit home runs on the regular, u call yourself jeter?

    Iím gonna end this rap with a link for english lessons ( i now dub your english name, Peter/

    Maybe you can learn to not sound like an autistic singer with that Korean accent , anhyo anhyo! Shiba!

    My lyrics just raped you worse than when ur country faces the US in FIBA!

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    Look bro you did this a while ago i just seen it
    So im thinking funk it
    Jun stands for junior hommie thats a suffix
    I go dumb with penstrokes and percussions
    The youngin smoking weed and eating rappers for the munchies
    My temper short like the munchkins
    I take rappers and extort an then funk them
    But you want this
    Ok let the dude see if he will be scared
    Eating vegetables and im leaving the chairs
    You dont want it with a rapper who got some bodies on him
    Call me lockness im going monster on him
    The dark lord with chalk on dark boards even god dont want it

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    Youíre running Out of time and forgetting how to properly rhyme,
    You donít belong on this forum, you should keep quiet and audition to be a mime/
    Calling yourself a ďdark lordĒ, but you got no rings of power,
    Youíre saying ur mythical like Lochness, or Gunslinger, call me the Man in Black iím about topple you like The Dark Tower/
    I Will blow you to Smith-therines, cause my name tommy but i aint givin u lee-way,
    You ainít escaping your execution on this forum, Iím about to kill this fake balla like Iím CJ/
    Thatís a GTA scheme and MIB, i do this **** with the snap of my hand,
    Fighting against me with your lyrics , you gonna be under manned/
    Better bring all your whole crew, junior, respect your elders and kings
    You can bring the entire Marvel Universe or The Avengers, but youíre fighting Thanos with all Infinity Rings/
    Iíll wipe you from existence, ashes into ashes with my soul ring glowing,
    Then iíll literally mind fuk you and turn you into a faggot with my yellow gem without you even knowing/
    Youíll fail to beat me in any realm of possibility, Iíll use the space gem to warp my *** all the way from Ontario
    Hell i donít even need the time gem to know that iíll always kill you in every scenario/
    Iíll leave you baffled in awe, youíll be quoting kanye when u say that ď no one man should have all that power,Ē
    But you were never worthy to sea red or win the gauntlet, youíre too undersized and lack punches, you tend to cower/
    The reality is, youíre just a foolís gold gem of a rapper, you ainít original or a real G,
    Youíre only hallucinating about beating me cause i ****ed you with the reality stone and you should see/
    That it isnít possible to win by beating a God of War like me/
    If that Thanos scheme didnt do the low key (loki) trick of wiping you out into ashes of shame,
    Then I guess iíll continue on with the hunger game/
    Cause Iím the new God of War in town, youíre old and used and rotten, like Hefnerís masseuse
    Call me kratos, cause my lyrics will dethrone you and behead you like iím fighting zeus/
    Iíll save my actual golden material for the later rounds,
    Cause i think ive tortured you enough like michael vickís hounds/

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