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    Default Do someone know what they are saying?? (Iraqi)

    Can someone translate what they are saying?? for me, i really wanna know+ maybe learn from this arabic dialect

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    Do u understand standard arabic (fus'ha) ? it would be time consuming for me
    btw i think this is from some radio program

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    يحجي وياها عالفيس وعالفايبر ومترد
    He tries to reach her on Facebook and Viber but she doesn't respond

    شنو بعدها زعلانه؟
    Him: What? Is she still mad at me?
    احسن شي خلي اخابرها
    Him: Best thing is to call her
    Mobile operator: عذراً رقم الهاتف المطلوب مغلق حاليا يرجى اعادة المحاولة فيما بعد
    Sorry, this phone number is currently shut off. Please try again later.
    هم قافلته
    Him: She has closed it again!
    شكلها متريد تحجي ويايه
    Him: Seems like she doesn't want to talk to me

    يدخل على بروفايلها عالفيس
    He goes to her profile on Face (Facebook)
    يشوف صور وكتابات
    He finds pictures and writings
    "انا لله وانا اليه راجعون"
    "We all belong to Allah and we all are going back to him" >> This is a phrase from the Quran that is said when someone dies
    "الله يرحمج بعدج بشبابج"
    "May god forgive you. You were still young!" >> He's reading comments from her FB profile
    هو: شنو هاي لعبة جديدة منها؟
    Him: What is this? Another game she's playing on me?
    الله يصرني على خبالها
    Him: May god help me stay patient over her crazyness
    احسن شي اخابر اختها
    Him: I better call her sister

    هو: الو؟؟ وين هاي العوبة؟
    شنو تتفاول على روحها حتى نتصالح؟
    Him: Alo (Hello)? Where's that uglyface? What? She makes herself sound dumb so that we get back together?
    كليلها خلي تفتح التلفون حتى لو زعلانه مني
    Tell her to turn on her phone even if she's mad at me
    اختها: لا ما راح تزعل بعد منك
    Her sister: No she's not getting mad at you again
    هو: شنو قصدج بربج مو وكت شقة وينها صيحيها
    Him: What do you mean? Oh God! Please, this is not the time to play this. Call her
    احمد اختي راحت ما راح ترجع بعد ..الموت اخذها
    Her sister: Ahmed, my sister's gone! She not coming back again! Death took her.
    شنو هالشقة؟ اكيد تتشاقون
    Him: What is this naughtiness? You must be kidding me
    هاي لعبة حتى اصالحها مو؟
    Him: This is her play to make me satisfy her, right?
    تره راحت وبدون شقة
    Her sister: She's gone. No kidding.
    كلنا عشنا نفس الصدمة من عرفنا
    Her sister: We all had the same shock when we first knew
    خلص كافي
    كافي شقة
    Him: Okay enough. Stop joking
    كوليلها اني اسف
    Tell her I'm sorry
    اسف لان زعلتها
    I'm sorry because I made her upset
    كوليلها مرح ازعلها مرة ثانية
    Tell her I'm never doing that again
    كوليلها ما اكدر على زعلها
    Tell her I can't tolerate our breakup

    جان صالحتها قبل متروح
    Her sister: You should've appologized to her before she was gone
    هسه بعد ميفيد الحجي
    It doesn't help anymore
    الي راح راح
    What's gone is gone

    مر شريط ذكرياتهم كباله بثواني
    Their memories flashed before him in a matter of seconds
    تذكر كل لحظة خبال منها
    He remembered every moment of her craziness
    تذكر شقاهم وضحكهم
    Their joy and laughs
    تذكر الايام الحلوة والمرة اللي عاشوها سوية
    He remembered the sweet days and the bitter ones that they lived together
    والي زاد الصدمة اكثر
    And what worsened the shock more
    من حجت وياه اخر مرة كلتله
    Is that when she last spoke to him she said:
    "لا تزعلني.. خاف اموت واني زعلانة منك"
    "don't sadden me.. I'm afraid I might die mad at you"
    نصيحة مني: لا تزعل انسان تحبه
    An advice from me: Don't you ever sadden someone you love
    هو اليوم يمك.. بس يجوز باجر مو يمك
    He/she is there today.. but tomorrow they might be gone
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