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  1. ali1234 said:

    Post hi eveyone

    i come from iran i like any music from over the world in any languages

    for example spanish chinese algerian uzbek kazakh and more languages

    i have a few question
    i have lots of unknown music how can i upload songs for yours guys to identify ?
    and second question where can i upload some songs in this site for share ?
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    Amethystos said:


    Welcome on ATL ali1234!

    You can upload music in certain sites that may provide you with a link to play, a good example is http://www.zippyshare.com/ which is a site that many of our members use for their posts in the "Identify it" section.

    Unfortunately you are not allowed to upload any song on this forum.

    Ps. I just saw your threads on "Identify it". Since you're a new user try to stick to one link per thread or else you'll have to wait for a moderator's approval.

    I also wanna underline that it'll be better to use the "Non English" subforum if you're not asking for identifying an English song
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  3. punjabimusic said:


    Hello to all am new here