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    Default Looking for lyrics of a few Armenian Folk songs

    Hi, I have scoured the depths of the internet and haven't found any lyrics for these songs. I would like to know the lyrics, translation is not required, although it would be appreciated.

    Edit: I found some lyrics for this song, however, this seems to be only 2 of the verses, there's definitely more to the song than this, but I can't find the full version.

    (Khosk’՝ V. Harut’yunyan, zhogh. motiv.)

    K’amin yana, k’amin yana - yana՜,
    K’amin zarne chermak doshd bana:
    K’amin yana, k’amin yana-yana՜,
    Arev zarn ye chermak doshd sevvna:

    K’amin yana, k’amin yana-yana՜,
    K’amin zarne sirts k’yeznits’ hovna:
    K’amin yana, k’amin yana-yana՜,
    Ervats aghjik, indz mtk’its’d hana:

    K’amin yana, k’amin yana-yana՜,
    K’amin zarne chermak doshd bana:
    K’amin yana, k’amin yana-yana՜,
    Arev zarne chermak doshd sevvna

    also, Here is a version of the song with clearer singing.

    and the second song

    (All except for Hoy Nazan)

    Thanks in advance
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    This is a job for Armenia The Beautiful
    Gott zur Ehr, dem nächsten zur Wehr

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