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    Default Will George Wassouf ever have a new album?

    I just realized that George Wassouf hasn't released a brand-new album (with brand-new songs) since 'Allah Kareem,' in 2009.

    Will there ever be new George Wassouf songs? Is he healthy enough to continue singing? I do know that he still gives performances, so I don't know why he hasn't been coming out with new songs.


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    Actually, they just released a 2017 track of "Bandahlak" by George Wassouf... you should check it out!
    Have you heard George Wassouf's Trakni w Ghab? I'm pretty sure the same came up around 2014 ish.
    And his single Bye7sidouni - I LOVE THAT ONE! I think that was 2011 maybe
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