I have a little free time to kill this weekend, so I decided to check out the local forums to see if anyone is in search of help? Specifically, I am in the process of writing a blog and a "how to write lyrics/song book."

I do have to protect my name and works since my performer name and music is still undergoing the copyright process. What I am offering is one of my first inductionary lessons completely FREE. All I ask is for a little feedback and once again more specifically your questions.
The more questions that are asked (containing to the supplied lesson) will give me a better understanding of how an aspiring writer thinks.I can then address those questions in the future and hopefully streamline the learning process for all of us.

Finally, please keep in mind that this is only one lesson of probably about fifty. I can not address every aspect of the songwriting process in one lesson. My lessons are designed to teach on a level where even a person with zero songwriting experience SHOULD be able to digest and absorb the lesson.

If you would like a copy of my lesson, inbox or pm and I will send you the file. This posting will be added to other songwriting forums.so I can increase my reach. This is a very limited time offer so please take advantage of it while you can.