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    Can anyone post transliterated lyrics and translation for this song. Thank you very much!
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  2. LilyA said:


    Im tehaichi elay od, tagidi li, ahava ze lo rak laavod.
    ( If you'll smile at me again, you''l tell me:" love, is not only work")
    Vegam im tagidi li: ata sheli nishbaat lo bikashti od.
    (And even if you''l tell me: "you are mine, I swear, I didn't ask for more")
    Im tichasi alai yoter vegam im at koevet ba lah levater
    ( If you''l get angry at me more (Than usual) and even if you hurt me and you want to give up.)
    tedi agav lehikanes elai lalev lefanaich ani bikashti kod.
    (Just so you know, to get inside my heart, before you.. I asked for a code.)

    something in french....

    "Don't tell me" AL TAGIDI LI..... French....

    Az im hahaimm shelach iti tagidi kvar: Havel lalechet misaviv ze kzat muzar
    ( So if your life is with mine, tell me: It's a pity to walk in circles, it's a bit wierd).
    ve im nariv ani yodea lo azliah lishon
    (And if we will fight I know I wouldn't be able to sleep)
    Im hahiyuch shelach pitom gadol ve at meharigush hefsakt gam leechol
    ( If your'e smile is HAS SUDDENLY GOT bigger and you
    have even stopped eating from excitment)
    Tedai agav, lehikanes elai lalev lefanaich lo natati od
    ( Just so you know, to get into my heart, before you, I haven't let more)

    French//////////////// "im taamini li achshav vebimkom lariv nohav eich nismach ki lo dai lach " ( If you''l believe me now, and instead of fighting we will love - how happy we would be. It is not enough for you.)
    Al tevatri alai maher vahahefeh nesaper od halaila
    ( Don't give up on me quickly, the opposite we''l tell tonight.


    Im tehayech elai od vetagid ani ohev otach meod, Magi sheli . Ani roze otacl le ad Hatuna
    ( If you''l smile at me more and tell me: I love you a lot my Meggi.I want you until the wedding)
    Im techaichi elay odd vetagidi li: ahava ze lo rak leavod. tagid li: ata sheli nishbaat lo bikashti od
    ( If you''l smile at me more and tell me: Love is not only work . Tell me: You are mine I swear , I didn'y ask for more.

    + Very tricky to translate this song.. not everything he is saying is logical . Plus it might confuse you .. there are female and male endings in hebrew words that are not reflected in English. Feel free to ask anything