SOLVED:Find me this song pls :P

Thread: SOLVED:Find me this song pls :P

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  1. Kibi said:

    Default SOLVED:Find me this song pls :P

    Hi, saw this music video on mtv dance, it should be 2016/2017 song,no older than that.
    I dont remember any lyrics, but the music video(animated video) is about 3 guys that go on a cinema and they get these magical tickets from a hot chick, then when they enter to watch the movie, they actually go inside the movie. So on, they travel in different movies, first on a apocalyptic world with robots , then on a jungle with dinosaurs , the other part of the video i dont remember.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. superalex405 said:


    Hey! I'm pretty sure that you are talking about the song 'Hey Baby' of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
    Hope this is the one you're looking for !
  3. Kibi said:


    Thank You kind Sir ! ^_^