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  1. MichaelPositive said:

    Default Difficult one...Dance song

    Hi there... a difficult one there because I don't have the lyrics I'm afraid . I have very little. I heard it in a night club once and always wondered what song it was.
    Here we go, a girl voice
    Na Na Na (high) - or La La La
    Na Na Na (high)
    Na Na Na (low)
    Na Na Na Na Na (low)

    I have tried to sing it and post it here as an attachment lol.sorry for my voice and singing but actually it doesn't let me attach it as a .m4a and this is not an excuse ..I have genuinely tried If You think you know I can always upload it somewhere else

    IT's a dance song I know i've heard it before, maybe 2000s, pretty techno/hardcore

    But it's been on my mind always wondered

    Thanks for your time !!
  2. MichaelPositive said:


    Hi, I found a recording website and sang it, it shd be easier to recognize now

  3. MichaelPositive said:


    Hi 😃
    Anyone knows this one? 😃
  4. Breejones93 said:


    Maybe it's Kylie Monogue-can't get you out of my head listen to it and let me know.
  5. MichaelPositive said:


    Hi BreeJones thank you but it is not
    Mine is a techno/dance song :/ heard in clubs back in the early 2000s
    I asked trance radios and they do not know
    Who could know? :|