they try to tell me i dont fit the image, all these rappers gotta gimic
but crazy spit dope ****, its manufactured imma chemist
i just kill it nah i really mean i murder everything in sight, im being literal
you better stay in side, im killing everything in sight, that means to hide your children too
anything thats visible, im mental true, or a victim of liqour sipping and perscription use
i been abused...
#im talking to my self and i got **** confused#
its like my call for help went unanswered an they just hit ignore, like **** em,!!!**** ME
until the shoes on the other foot they be like bub please, then got the nerve to whine and cry to me the ironies whats blinding me,
because no even picks up there phone when im in need,
its all good though **** yall i never needed anybody, i just got my nina and she ticklish as a mother****er
peral grip, extended clip, an she gon spit a couple dozen of em
this rap **** a **** im roughly ****ing, i mean real rough hardcore choking that ***** from the back, candel wax and cuts till her blood drip
but she love this, to the rap game its crazy aka its mr bring your bars if you tryna **** with
***** love this i swear that this shits what im meant for, let me show you what your in for, writ flows with this flow with this,
sick with my pencil, i kicks it no kendo the way of the ninja i stick with my nindo
resent this or spit dope this **** is getting old, thats word to the mainstream
I live this and you pay hoes who mumbel words and claim thing, all im seeing is the same thing
a bunch cross dressers who hire ghost writers an use autotune because they cant sing
its got me livid especially when everything i think of is a ****ing lyric, the point of no return, im ****ing fearless
all i wants perscriptions, to ease the pain of stuff i dont wanna deal with,
been feeling my time with a day job to feel civilian, still its different is minimum wage really living
it real simplistic i see the snakes in the grass can hear em hissing
perservere and then replenish, my purpose here is just statistic i know the way it goes,
of course my dear im sinning gon end up in flames, im just a fallen angel that been lost his way,
before you judge me just think of satan an how lived in them gates
its grace or is it fate, staring at the reaper and catch a glimpse of his face, heavy hit with the bass
to these rappers imma special kid with a cane, extra sick and derranged, so are you scared to complain
imma bear in a cave swivel chair and a cape a bic lighter, 3 four locos ,some ladies underwear with some mace
to snare and the bass like a flare lit a flame im ensnared to the game, this whole time unaware its a race.