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    wild like a boar, with 4-4s galore and more blood and gore, than the scary movies or the saws 1 through 6,
    head stone says rip, now he bones in the coffin from the hollow head tip
    when that eagle head spit, and his lil head split like a swisher right before them mothers crack it to the wind
    this **** just turned into a hit, cause my flow sick oh **** younge crispy never on no ***
    ether cut it just like a cleaver i do it on my own aint never leaving **** to beaver
    every verse is like a teaser to my life it writes the peepers till i die and chuck the peacers.. ya dig..

    .here come the murderers, ratta tat to your noggin you was talkin way before i walked in now your not, here come the murders........................................... .........
    now pimpin dont be retarded i leave dearly departed, dont even bother to start it i come to murder you spitters just know that you is the target,
    here come the murderers,,,ratta tat to your noggin you was talkin way before i walked in now your not, here come the murderers..

    i welcome yall to the slickest sickest city alive im from the O mother****er 614 till i die...
    but we call it buck town with them bangers under the dash,you playboy rappers know you aint gonna last
    its like boom muther****er when up in the stu,so make room muther****ers when the kid coming through
    you rappers know what it is i swear you know what it do, the kid so infectious numb ya *** like some novacain
    im straight non-cidal i ll leave stuck with no clue, 614 throw it up my people know what it do,
    my people know what it does, i got my 40 locked and yall aint liking my style, thats how its like in ohio

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    That was crazy **** man killa flow respect

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