my mother prayed I be careful, this world full of demons, dont worry im here with you
these people like to see a strong man break, and they hurt him for any reason
they find pleasure in his pain, those type of people are the weakest we have never been the same
life is better lived in vein, aside from effort its the same, inside the devil sits in wait
dont worry im scared too, what if heaven isnt claimed, an hell is in the way,
i think im better in grave, since i could remember i been great
think im jepetto with them strings, just a lil bit of ghetto,an some heavy metal, mixed with haze
the great vines hugh hefner hitting dames, yall like to talk a bunch of **** i like it better in some legs,
nike sweater and some bapes, i get better when i rage, i grab the pen to kill a track an leave blood dripping from the page
are we statistics to the game, the government say we poverty stricken, lets ask the 1 percentage what they think
then they gon hit us with the same, hypocritic bullshit, to keep us in restraint
the people been awake, thats why we get our money and we keep it in a safe, economy got us scared to leave it in a bank
money isnt the root of all evil, i think that we get all the blame,
on the pursuit of happiness until greed got in the way,,,