you know its hard for me to keep distance
besides that your the reason i dont trust these *****es
aint no hating baby, im just saying, thank you baby
you made the monster like i made you, we supposed to be together you say the samething too
aint it crazy i wont settle for another woman if her name aint you,
atleast thats what i tell myself as i lay awake until day break through,,**** so aggrivating
but forreal though congragulations i heard you had a baby,,told me you had a girl
im happy that your chilling out now,I know you plan on giving her the world
no more living in reverse,this is my sentiment returned
yea i miss you but that isnt gonna work
just know i still love you
........ sincerely , mr. did you worse

ps. i love you im just dealing with the hurt

still i didnt learn, im just thinking with my **** ,and slowly driffting in the world
then i met her, this time shits different i can feel it i just hope she feel it in return
at first we kicked , little liquor and some purp,now she throwing in her ends so i can flip it and get some more
we started messing with them percs, she developed a xan habit, got reckless wanting more
that was of course..............after the fact that i feel love with her, in the same turn done hella drugs with her
still to this day when she smile at me im proud as hell i ****ed wit her
i wasnt young slipping, i even got your name tatted on me and you got mine so no question that there was love in it
............................................. sincerely, the one who got hurt................. first i swear i only wanted my turn