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  1. asasas said:

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    Da ist kein mensch der nie verdirbt
    Da ist kein strom der nie versiegt
    Und dunkelheit läßt licht am horizont zersplittern

    Fühle ich den wind in meinen händen
    Versinkt die nacht in meinem haar
    Und bitterkeit läßt den fernen erdengrund in mir erzittern

    Dein scheuer blick treibt mein blut
    In wilder flucht durch mein herz
    Und kalter zorn läßt in mir himmelsdämme brechen

    Flammenzungen dich umlodern
    Ein ring aus schuld umstrahlt dein haupt
    In meinem namen wirst du heilige hure keine lügen sprechen
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  2. Albruna's Avatar

    Albruna said:


    That's pretty epic! Here's a translation:


    There's no one who never goes bad
    There's no stream that never dries up
    And darkness makes light shatter on the horizon

    When I feel the wind in my hands,
    Night sinks into my hair
    And bitterness makes the faraway Earth-ground tremble inside me

    Your coy glance makes my blood race
    Wildly fleeing through my heart
    And cold fury breaks heaven-dams inside me

    Flame-tongues blaze all about you
    A halo of guilt shines around your head
    In my name, you sacred courtesan* will not speak any lies

    *The site censored the word I originally used. Oh and the title literally means "Upon a word", but it can also mean something like "may I have a word"
  3. asasas said:


    What was the word you originally used, can you pm me it?
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    Albruna said:


    Haha... the word was 'wh0re', I kind of substituted courtesan in a joking way, to say the word without really saying it