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    Default Need help finding the name of song (Swedish)

    i'm not sure who sings it or even what language it is i was told it was German by a friend who spoke a few so that's all I've got to go on the song in its full just as i found it I've tried so many automatic alternative to find a lead on this song at all sadly I've come up empty handed...

    so if ANYONE can help me out by finding out the name of this song i would be super thankful

    Edit: a friend confirmed it is Swedish and nailed down some of the lyrics but at this point i think i am out of luck unless someone can produce a title for the song itself
    as searching for the lyrics both translated and not is fruitless
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    That's definitely a Scandinavian language, probably Swedish. Since I only know that language a little bit, I can't make out enough to search for the lyrics. Maybe you should edit the title to say that it's Swedish, might make someone who speaks it better check out the thread.

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    thank you for the advice I've done as you recommended

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