I'm new here. Please review my poem for kids. I will be happy for your help! Thanks!

A small old house
stands above the mound
Its door ringer is
decorated with silver

But if you ring this bell kindly
and behave quietly

The door will be opened
and on the porch
a gray old-lady will emerge
holding a torch

And friendly will tell you:
Come in, donít be shy therein
My guest you will be today.
And kindly ask you to stay.

She will serve you some tea
and some cake.
The tea from a special teapot,
The cake in the oven will bake.

And then she will tell you a tale
the one you may hardly believe
and magic will fill the air
and you will forget your grief.

But if
But if
But if

You may foolishly think of
breaking into this house,
making fuss and wreaking havoc

An old witch you will see
and taste no cake
and drink no tea.