Two separated unions fight for what they both believe is right, civilians came to just see the sight, sometimes they fought through the night, a hundred and nineteen years after Ben Franklin flew that kite, thirty-seven years before Amelia Earhart took flight. 23,000 men killed, 23,000 men's blood was spilled, when will this civil war end, it’ll all just depend, if the confederates can defend, we’ll see next how many men they send. But it’s the Unions bones that have to mend, we made this war last three years, putting mothers and wives in tears, soldiers had to take orders from their peers, they were fighting so hard the broke all the mirrors. The Union was facing the worst of its fears, fighting the Battle Gettysburg must have been worse than the rhymes of A$AP Ferg. The Battle of Vicksburg, was just a realistic purge, just a nasty blood bath, the Union should a changed their path, but yet we know some them weren’t to good at math.(Tell me what you think)