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    When people ever look up white rappers from Washington and they find is Macklemore, for his hit thrift store, he wrote that shitty *** rhyme as he was shopping with a couple *****s, My point is studios need to open their doors more.
    Nobody knows me, My names Evie-B, Iím just asking you the people to help me live my dream. Cause I donít want to be no government slave, were a boss can tell me to behave. Iíve already got it rough Iím a foster kid, growing up my best friend's name was Sid, he was imaginary as I grew up my life became scary. Always asked my mom to ship me off to my grandpaís on a fairy. I was eight and he lived so far away, I had no money to even pay for a one way. So Iíd stay awake late, this all happened before I was property of the state, when I had a clean slate. Man I watch my mom stick herself with dirty needles, one day I came home and she had 42 staples, mom how could put me through that **** I was just little. That next year my dad was let out of prison, after he found out about what happened to my mom he made my life worst then a highway collision, I think I was most happiest when they locked his *** back in prison, that happened when I was just ten, life was simpler then, when life seemed down my life was turned around. I moved to my auntís house, and joined a crew, after a year I through in joined a gang a fam that could win. Eighth grade year Pigs raided my house, they checked the fridge and all they found was a dead mouse, pigs sat my sister, mom and I on the couch talked to me and sister, told em get away from her. Stupid *******s called CPS, she came and she was the same as the rest, she made my life a test, but ***** what you don't know is, Iím the best. My life is a mess, needs to be zested.

    Foster mom went through my room and she found my pipes. She threw away my hypes, man those were my rhymes. In the meantime. She found my found my can of cope, my life going down a slope, if I donít stop cussing mom gonna make me eat a bar of soap. Whereís my family when I need them, if I canít move home real quick Iím gonna cause mayhem. Screw school, shoup's rule has the overrule, Iím always tired cause foster mom uses me as a pack mule, I ainít nobody's foot stool, the life you give me is un-cool, Iím not your tool. I ainít no fool, screw this , you already know who I miss, my real family. I just wish I could be open and be me, there's another side of me I donít let people see, the day I turn 18 Iím out, Itís getting so bad Iím about to shout.
    I watched my grandma kill herself, never lived a life of wealth, kill the elf, I screwed myself, my family brought themselves to their deaths, I had to take my consent breaths.
    Why do people you care about die, Iím tired of having to cry, to that life I say good bye.
    When lies begin, life ends, sorry I didnít have time for friends, only got time for school, summer I ain't gonna be at the pool, Iíll be using my hands as a tool, ain't got time for ghost and ghouls.
    Iíve got no excuses, but I get myself out there my family and I will feel like a bunch of bad asses, no longer have to pick up branches, these rhymes infuses hip-hop and r&b, Iíll climb the chain of rap history, Iíll go on a rhyming spree, drug addicts keep walking there's nothing to see, but me the next big OG, just stay out my way or Iíll get angry, dumb asses best be outtie, I want my own life badly,
    This life is at an end, now I can have friends, from the beaver den, I can never wait for the weekend, cause here in school everyone's playing pretend.
    What do you do when she hates you, and there's nothing you can do, you go back to hang with your crew. Yeah Iíll be crying for a few, what you gonna do, Iíll be the guy to smoke smoke cigs, and eating figs, wall watching guy screw with their ridges. This life of mine blows, but that's the way this life goes, done with hanging with the hoes, theyíll be lined up in rows, as Iím ****ed up and nobody knows, youíd be able to tell by my eyeís theyíll show.
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    Just enjoy life, everyting is going to be alright! but i know what you are talking about... i've been on anti depressants and this has saved me... you might try it out...
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