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    Default please help me with some ancient greek

    Hi all !

    In a writing by Lucian of Samosata the text is presented doubled, something like that (i give you an excerpt) :

    Ἑταίραν δέ τις παραλαβὼν πέντε δραχμὰς τὸ μίσθωμα δοὺς καθεύδει ἀποστραφεὶς δακρύων καὶ στένων ; ἀλλ' οὔτε πέπωκας ἡδέως, οἶμαι, οὔτε δειπνῆσαι μόνος ἠθέλησας · ἔκλαες γὰρ καὶ παρὰ τὸ δεῖπνον, ἑώρων γάρ · καὶ νῦν δὲ οὐ διαλέλοιπας ἀναλύζων ὥσπερ βρέφος. ταῦτα οὖν, ὦ Χαρμίδη, τίνος ἕνεκα ποιεῖς ; μὴ ἀποκρύψῃ με, ὡς ἂν καὶ τοῦτο ἀπολαύσω τῆς νυκτὸς ἀγρυπνήσασα μετὰ σοῦ.


    Προσλαμβάνοντας κάποιος ἑταίρα, δίνοντας πέντε δραχμὲς μίσθωμα, κοιμᾶται ἔχοντας γυρίσει τὴν πλάτη, δακρύζοντας καὶ στενάζοντας ; Ἀλλὰ οὔτε ἔχεις πιεῖ μὲ διάθεσι, νομίζω, οὔτε νὰ δειπνήσῃς μόνος ἐθέλησες. Διότι ἔκλαιγες καὶ κατὰ τὸ δεῖπνο, σὲ ἔβλεπα. Καὶ τώρα δὲν ἄφησες νὰ περάσῃ χρόνος χωρὶς νὰ κλαῖς μὲ λυγμοὺς σὰν βρέφος. Αὐτὰ λοιπόν, Χαρμίδη, ἕνεκα ποιᾶς τὰ κάνεις ; Μὴ μοῦ τὸ ἀποκρύψῃς, ὥστε καὶ αὐτὸ νὰ ἀπολαύσω τὴν νύκτα ὰγρυπνώντας μαζί σου.

    The translation being :

    "To hire a courtesan, pay her five drachmas, go to bed with her and then turn your back on her and weep and groan - that is a dirty trick to play on a woman with feelings. You found no pleasure in the wine at the banquet table and you were the only one not to eat. You were shedding tears ; I could see that. And now you keep on sobbing like a whipped infant. Why all the humidity, Charmides ? Don't hide anything from me ! I'll at least carry away a bit of information from the one charming night I shall ever have passed at your manly side."

    My question is : what style of greek is the first one (in orange) and what style of greek is the second one (in gray) ? Undoubtedly the second one is the translation (or better say, the adaptation) of the first one. So i suppose the first one is ancient greek, but the second one ? The second one doesn't seem to me to be modern greek, because the modern greek doesn't have those strange (complex) accents. Can someone tell me what styles of greek are those two texts ? And how should be an adaptation in modern greek ?

    For those interested, the full text is here :εταιρικο...7;ός

    And the translations could be find here : and here :

    Many thanks !
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    The first one is the ancient.

    The second one is "Katharevousa" language. This was Greek state's formal language until 1976 when it was replaced by "Modern Greek" or "Dimotiki" (means "Of the people").

    As for the "accents" .... well on 1982 Greek government signed a presidential decree imposing the monotonic written accent system on education.

    More info about Greek language question which was a topic for over 150years here ->
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