Board hit your head, close your eyes your bed sheets will turn red, watch out for my friend Fred, heís the ***** who killed Zed, havenít you been taking your med, turn your back youíll find yourself dead, watch out and cover your head, here he comes with a pencil full of led, he turn a small town murder into a widespread , blood shed, making sure of killing a particular knucklehead, **** you, you little inbred *****, nobody likes a snitch, heíll kill you easier than flicking off a light switch, then throw your stinky *** in a ditch.
(Old man)Heís flippin crazy he wonít stop till your dead, screw of the lid and call in the kid.
(Evei_B)Yo Iím Evei, came from around the corner of the seven-elevi, none you homies know me, but soon you will see, get the hell out of that class and quit thinking of a logical fallacy, times is my time to be the next white eminem rapping OG, talk about my past when you dis you canít last, never been to damn fast, best back the **** up, or youíll never what up again, I write these rhymes to kill a crowd, I write these rhymes to make my mom's proud, never been a guy that like to be loud.
**** the drake and the weekend non you *******s my friend, on the cord end, **** you, you can make a show, but you can make a lot of dough, this is the only place Iíd rather ****in go, even though there's one too many hoes, ****ing all the damn stanky *** broís, screw this, you ain't worthy of a dis, turn to mom and get a kiss, you little baby back bich.
(young boy) sir, can you help me write a rhyme, I ainít got any mother ****ing time, this guy just committed a crime, in one of his eyes he dropped a dime.
(Wise man)Boy you know who you're talking about, wake the **** up son, this life ainít all that fun, snitches get mother ****ing stitches, youíll only be able **** old nasty *****es, that their ***** so fungus infected youíd call em witches.
(Evei_B)IĒll chew your *** up and spit you back out, Iíll always be a savage without a doubt, then Iíll turn on you, and there wouldnít be anything youíd be able to do, turn back wall you still have some type of dignity, Iíll **** you up worse than fetty, I donít need your petty.
Boy what you say about me being a foster kid, there's no excuse for what you did, boy your *** is for sure mince meat, Iím elite, sit down and take a ****ing seat, you're in for a treat, you want to dis me get up on you feet, that's the only time youíll be a man, your lifes gonna be worst then afghans can, you should've ran, when Iím done then you wonít even be able to use a bedpan, now your death has began,