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  1. Evei_B said:

    Default Rap Battles of 2017

    1. keep it clean no personal stuff
    2. make sure your able to dis first
    3. know yourself and don't choke
    4. ten minutes to respond
    5. have fun make new friends

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  2. Evei_B said:


    I'll start, walk into Walmart rhymes flowing out like art, then all of the sudden I've got a brain fart, so I walked with a shopping cart, looked what they had to eat, got myself back up on my feet, the manager was so kind and sweet.
  3. Scar said:


    "Manager was so kind and sweet"
    Take that back; she said "that line was weak"
    "brain fart"? That ain't art, skip to the main part:
    the "most-art" you had was what your "sun'-t-zu"
    this is art of war, not painting rainbow and sun'du.
    son your scripted, flipped it quick like Miyagi
    Eve_B, believe me, you'll disappear quicker than Haji's
    "Mozart" most-ya-'art'; protect ya neck like 36 chambers
    no art, dope 'flow' rows out like bloodshed through sabres.
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  4. jun said:


    Imma just drop a few bars
    Common sense copped the car
    Your not hot as **** hommie ya luke warm
    I do harm like razor blades cutting through arms
    Death is inevitable and you just took it to far
    I got the juice scar
    No oj i kill a ***** and get sad no cold play
    Stuff killer in a zigzag and just blaze
    Ok now im bout to rage
    Im zombie walking round from the shallowest grave
    The outcome is rage
    Mixing valumes with cain
    Your *** without lube will get raped
    Switchblades dont switch game
    I been this way since 5th grade
    Fourty 5th aim an them tips race
    This a sick game
    If you scared go to church
    Only way to get saved
  5. Scar said:


    Jun.... Jun as in 'The Pye Dog?
    Jun 'cuz junkers hunger for suckers like him
    Jun backs away when I strike him like Mephistopheles
    Like Flemish nobles, I diminish yokels and finish vocals.. why dog?

    Time to raise your palisades, crusades days away.. 'razor blades?'
    I'll slay away the crazily behaved, just make the phrase.
    i'm out to invade Hades with brigades, 'bout to rage?
    this is game of thrones; infiltrating cowards from 'the shallowest graves'
    i'm 'luke warm'? well let the 'empire strike back' with a new form.
    this is return of the jedi, lead by the saccades from Jun's eyes.
    Fourty 5th aim? This is revenge of the fifth/sith, so may the fourth be with you.

    I came through space with apes to face, this is 'planet of the apes' with 'razor blades'
    i raised 2 blades, and slayed the 'fourty 5th aim' with 22' volumes of cain
    if im "luke-warm", then I was made to slay Vader.. cuz i'm smarter than a 5th grader.

    Jun hides and cowers in shame when I attack like a Dungeon Dragon
    "RRRRRROAW RRRRRRROAW", you get smoked in the Kraken
    freshly burnt like an estragon wagon, crawled upon 6 legs like Arachne
    this is dungeon of dragons, and you wont even be able to draw up artagnan.
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  6. bigG said:


    common sense never coped you a car
    it was your parents money that coped you the car
    n you cant chat bout bars
    like in the night was it you making the strip shine like stars
    im just 17
    n ive aced every melody
    zombies r hopeless
    the 3.45 will make your dome spin
    you know you wont win
    1 zoot 2 zoot
    now your just a joke ting
    this is a uk ting
    so the if it bangs u best start running cu the burner i can feel it coming
    i just saw ur bird
    she was hella stunning
    so me n her hopped in the car
    we went running
  7. jun said:


    Jun stands for junior you to fruits fam ill juice
    Im coo coo my screws loose , you two dudes
    Imma lace my new boots and handel this
    Bruce banner spit hulk smash huge hammer ****
    Cram it in, bars deadly like cancer is
    My parents are brokes i sell dope to get bread
    Scar pulls tricks on the block and other dude
    Dance for his, hommie stand on a ledge im like a deal with the cartel, u **** em ya whole fam will be dead, horrocore in the ville like amity is
    What hand full he is, jun from the lower half on my damn bully ****, like **** it be im in here cooking
    Crinak and all you want is beef,
    Well fukkit i have a plate..............
    But i dont think that you can stomach this
    Im jumping in no gradual pace
    Hold back close the case
    Poles and blades , tha 4 5th bang
    Jun and i go insane, i bet you caught a buzz off a feature on your bros mixed tape
    The other dude your flows just gay
    But of course seems your the challenge
    Hold court show force endorse our malice
    With your poor start doubt it
    What you think with your writtens
    Full throttel ford pistons with a porsche heart
    Pedal to the metal boi start,
    Goin hard .
    Enough gas for the both dutch wraps like im smoking you. Lungs collapse while im choking you
    Side swipe open view. Blind spot soul consumed
    Klashknakohv ak for when im ridding on the both of you..
    Imma beast and my leash broken
    I got pit in my stomach, plate got some beef on it
    I blaze like some fiends smoking, i can make anything dope with a beat on it
    So if you wanna battel me than better have card
    We testing if you have some heart. Lack of art
    And an enviouse rhyme schem leave hacked apart
    By this axe sitting beside me .ok that was dark
    Im not asking both of you *****es get in the back of the car, body snacthing rappers in a van at the park
    Damage and harm with this knife and my hand i will ddismantel there parts, im not a fan of there bars
    I will take flight and then land back on mars
    Like damn that was far damn that was hard
    Rambled and went ham with battel bars
    That was free
    Next time i have to charge
    I was only playing
    Try me with best i have more...
  8. lilspeedboaty said:

    Default shopping cart doc marts ur mum peace n hoes

    Quote Originally Posted by Evei_B View Post
    I'll start, walk into Walmart rhymes flowing out like art, then all of the sudden I've got a brain fart, so I walked with a shopping cart, looked what they had to eat, got myself back up on my feet, the manager was so kind and sweet.

    your mums clapped
    pull out the glock
    brap brapped
    shes sucking my ****

    get out my face
    eat ur mum
    breakfast lunch and dinner
    favourite toy
    fidget spinner

    your dad
    midlife crisis
    man like john
    signed up for isis
    you cant even write this
    this is my dis
    your dad shops in gap
    ya dad wears dunlop trainers
    council house
    thats a no brainer
    i get *****es and hoes
    ur dad buys 3 quarter umbros
    slazenger velcros
    what the **** are those
    they look like daisys gammy toes

    your sister
    you cant even miss her
    shes that big she gives the earth a blister
    passed round me n the boys now you can fist her
    bit like barca
    she likes up the **** uh

    your an emo
    go slow
    all you spastics die

    you get glued up like prit stick
    your mum chokes on ****

    ya nan plays bingo
    ive got skills
    billy wingrove
    i make raps to earn
    your nans in a urn
    from too much gurn
    nick your nans purse
    no need for a hurse

    im the g.o.a.tee
    lil speed boaty

    word to ur mother