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    Unhappy Solved: Five hours of research and I still couldn't figure out, please help!

    I believe this is a pop/rap upbeat song that is no more than 3 years old at this point. There's a part of the lyrics that sounds like "... into the Mexico", but I'm pretty sure I misheard it since nothing came up when I searched for it. After that line, the singer sings the la la la part. Leading up to the la la la part, the singer ends each line at a higher pitch twice, and it sounds like he said "free-OH" or "He-OH" or "Ye-OH". If I try to space them out + emphasis, it'd be something like "la laLA LALA LAla, la lala..." followed by something along the line of "can't let you go".

    I've been searching for the past five hours, but to no avail. Please help and thank you!

    Edit: Forgot to mention that it's not Naughty Boy - La La La ft. Sam Smith. The la la la part in this song is way too long.

    Edit2: Found the song: So Good from B.o.B. Sorry for bothering y'all!
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