Hi, everyone!
My real name is Bojan and I caming from production/post production area. I am creative director, but my hobby all my life is writing lyrics, which now on the way to become my secondary job because some important people in music industry recommend me and now I need to change my bad habits and really start to learn how to write good musical lyrics which can be suited well with melodies, or how to write simply, but effective converstation lyrics. I read many book about lyrics writing but practice is again only which is is again only which is important.
Before I never consult any of forums, so I hope that we will share knowlegde with each others.

In general I am interesing person with interesting artistic kind of personality and unique on its own way, so I am happy that I am on the way to achieve my dreams.

P.S I am big fan of french lyrics writer, composer and director, Serge Gainsburg. It inspire me a lot as artist.

Thank you very much for your time.