Hi all. Hoping someone can help me with this.

I heard a song in TGI Fridays back in September of 2016. The lyrics were Something like "so..my darling" or "oh...we're falling" or a combination of something similar. There was a definite a pause in between the first and second words. Male vocal. Medium tempo. Full band. Sounded like the style of Airborne Toxic Event, Head the Heart, The Killers. I remember it ended cold with a guitar and violin. It's not the Head and The Heart song "All We Ever Knew". It's also not Twenty One Pilots "Ride".

I've already asked the restaurant and tried contacting the company that picks the music for Friday's no luck. Shazam didn't pick it up that day. I tried singing it into the SoundHound app and still no luck.

Can anyone help? Again the lyrics above may not be exact. but it was definitely "(first word) / pause / (second word) , (third word)". Think of the melody as "doo....doo DOO DOO".

Thanks in advance.