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    Default Eyez wide open ! rap rhyme poetry !

    i got many more lyrics and rhymes to go along with this one but i wrote this in under 30 minutes last night. enjoy

    yo i look around, think about my past like it was yesterday like whoa,
    reminissin on all the oppertunities i missed and how i chose to go,//
    down the wrong path for a reason? maybe, but here i sit,
    spittin flames in every which way direction that i see fit,//
    props to my lord, i'm repping g.o.d, yes im talkin about j.e.s.u.s and yes i'm free,//
    from the shackles and the chains that use to hold me down,
    rob me of my joy and turned my smile upside down like some twisted clown.//
    i was a prisoner to my self, my mind couldn't defeat the matter,
    so i gave my heart to god and he served me up a new life on a platter,//
    while the devil was tryin to rob a poor boy of his spiritual wealth,
    god was waitin for the right moment to bring me back to full health,//
    this is testimony rap, i rhyme for a reason,
    recollecting on all the dark thoughts ,youda thought i commited treason,//
    but it was only for a season cuz they say only the good die young,
    well i'm living proof the good live forever for by grace and mercy on the cross he hung!//
    for all mankinds sins you better appreciate the picture im trying to paint,
    and that's to surrender yur ways and let HIM take over and no i aint no saint,//
    i'm a sinner just like you but my eyes have been opened to something beyond most can see,
    we're living in lawless times and the devils hard at work trying to stir up chaos within you and me,//
    this might sound crazy but the end times is real,
    if you don't believe me just stop, think, and ponder on this and feel
    why we allowing millions of abortions to happen and letting innocent blood spill?//
    why aint we questioning our true existence and how we came to be,
    the one and only generation thats had the lightbulb turn on you see?//
    we are called to be the salt of the earth and the light that shines in the darkest of places,
    so it's here i sit writing whats on my heart and lettin my mind tie up my laces,//
    cuz these bars go much deeper then you even can comprehend just off first sight,
    and my flows go harder than most and with his strength i might,//
    break through to one of you and just for a split second you might see,
    the moral of this rhyme and how its reachin out to not only you, but me//
    to keep fightin the good fight and just know your minds at battle,
    spiritual warfare is real,... it's like the rattle on a venomous snake,
    trying to drag us down, oppress our lives and turn you into something we would call fake,//
    so stay true to yurself, before you lie to someone with out even knowing,
    you claim your steady growin but is the fruits really showin?//
    so catch my drift and get on my level, stop gamblin with your soul or you just might meet the devil.//
    and end up in a place when you pass you diddnt think you'd say,
    why diddnt i just listen to the truth, it was right infront of me but ayyy,//
    thats why i'm here to plant the seed and hope it grows,
    bigger and better then anyone one of my spirit filled flows,//
    cuz it aint about my skill, it's about freedom, happy 4th of july,
    i'm glad i could bring you this truth i aint got no reason to lie,
    so break the curse of bondage and let your true self fly,
    there is life after death don't let your free will deny!// YEEEEEEEEEEE godbless
    BKJoe Out,

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    Killa rhymes brother hella skill

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