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Thread: Turkish song

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    Default Turkish song

    I need help finding this one song.

    My classmate used to sing it all the time last year and she at the time told me name of it, but i forgot. I tried asking her now but she doesn't really remember what it's called. I'm going to describe it really poorly bc I don't remember much. I just know that the first word in the title starts with S and the second word is çiçek/çiçekleri. It's a pop song I believe and I know it is a male singer singing it. I'm not sure, but I think the song is from 2016. I remember that the music video was in pink-ish color.

    And that's all, I didn't give you much to work with, but maybe somebody remembers it. Thanks!

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    Mor ve Ötesi - Sevda Çiçekleri ?

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