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    Exclamation Please help me find this Regina Spektor-ish song I've just heard in an H&M store!

    So I've just come home from trying on clothes at an H&M store and for the past couple of hours I've been at it trying to find this song... to no avail! It's driving me crazy. I really liked it and I want to hear more from the artist. As I was trying on a sweater, halfway around my neck, all I could really put together where these two stanzas:

    Now I'm through by through
    So what am I supposed to do

    The first of which I'm really not sure about! I'm sure it's "Now I'm [something that sound like through] by [something that sound like through]". The second stanza I'm sure say's "So what am I supposed to do".

    Of the rest of the song, I could only pick up words but nothing to connect them... no sentences. Which is why I think one clue is that the singer might not be a native English speaker. Otherwise, it's strange I wasn't able to understand more of it.

    At times I thought it was Regina Spector, but then I can almost understand almost everything she sings. And then the style was a bit off the Regina Spektor.

    Because it was on at an H&M, I'm guessing it's probably pretty recent.

    It was a times sort of jazzy, and it even ends in a flurry of trumpets and horns... I want to even say with a Latin twist, there, at the end... but still jazzy. But the song itself wasn't all jazzy: it was certainly pop.

    I'm afraid I can't explain it better... it wasn't a normal song, as pop goes; which is why I think it reminded me of Regina Spector: it has that sort of eccentric, vocal-playing, rhythm-changing, genre-jumping feel to it. I guess another possible comparison is Lorde. But, yes, I've searched through both their stuff trying to find those lyrics and have had no success.

    Absolutely ANY help will be much appreciated!

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    Try this song:

    "Crave You" by Flight Facilities featuring Giselle

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    Oh, I really thought you had hit the nail on the head there for a little while when the song started and she started singing! Thanks a lot for responding! Unfortunately, it's not the same song. Though I liked it very much and now I'll be looking into Flight Facilities, so thanks for the recommendation! I do think her voice sounds on the money, and though she's a native English speaker, she does at times have that sound as if she weren't. So I'll check to see if she has any such lyrics. (Kudos, by the way, for finding a son with lyrics rhyming to those I gave! "Why can't you want me like the other boys do? / They stare at me while I stare at you.") Also, Flight Facilities does have the feel I heard, and I see they collab with several female vocalists, so I'll be looking into them, too. Maybe they're behind the song I heard. So thanks again for taking the time to try and help me out!

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