hi there can anyone help me to translate and write this task in arabic.

Mission 1:

Task​One of our Middle Eastern UHNW members lives abroad and is planning a trip to London – he would like you to plan an itinerary for him and his wife and make recommendations. They have been to London before so would like a few different ideas than the norm. Please include dining suggestions as well as things to do.


➢ Create an itinerary for a two-day trip to London
➢ Send a separate email as if to the member introducing yourself and explaining the itinerary and your thinking
➢ Explain the profile you came up with and how you approached the mission

Mission 2:

Task:​You are the VIP Lifestyle Manager responsible for welcoming a new Middle Eastern UHNW member to the concierge. You are about to email them to introduce yourself and encourage them to use the service.


➢ How would you approach this?
➢ What tools / resources would you use to promote usage from the start?
➢ What concierge services would you promote?

Please present your findings in a format that you could send via email to the member – aim to include why you have shortlisted the specific services and how they can help that member. Please answer this task in Arabic

You can make assumptions about the member which you should detail at the top of your document.