I guess i never been the usual
Last of a dieing breed ...
Tell me what is cute to you
Welcome to the fire team
Form line and squeeze..
**** yelling im just shooting dude.
I never been the usual....
....no i never been the same as these asses half rappin my bad i mean rappers halfassin
Ill casket whack **** all these halfwit cats acting
Why yall hype the kid up thats like standing around gas with matches
Im finna light this ***** up
No wattage...
Im taking the food of your plate mine got some dope on it
Grind like tires on the road hommie
Rush life in the whip aint no driving it in slow motion
Flow fire with his cold shoulder
So hot i would leave your soul smoking while your mind is getting froze over
Im actually the same as these other rappers except minus ***** and showboating
Now tell me if that **** makes ..........
Then ill retire quit and go homeless id like to see em do it without the **** that they were throwed on with
Well.. Ok i see what it is...
Godspeed in the whip
I beast with the pen
Up the piece to ya chin
Rape your wife then ill eat both ya kids