I'm a relatively new dad. I used to write a lot of poetry and dabbled in lyrics many years ago. I finally got inspired to try this again. It's a simple one, nothing crazy

Trail Blazer

Child of mine, you're one of a kind
Walk the path that only you can find
You will stumble, but you will rise
To blaze a trail and claim your prize


Never fear the highest heights
Only there can you see the grandest sights
Others will try to tear you down
Persevere to claim your crown

Anything is possible
Even the most improbable
Your dreams are just the start
Reach down deep, follow your heart

I know there's fear, uncertainty
Know yourself, defy conformity
Stand tall, be brave against adversity


Your journey may be hard, it may be long
If you ever doubt that you'll stay strong
Always know my faith in you is true
Always know I'll stand by you

(chorus and fade)