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  1. jun said:

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    I feel like i should be dead
    How many times i gotta ask you
    Now im telling you to leave bitxh
    peep this helen keller
    To the bull shixt
    Dumb as hell an i cant see shixt
    I feel like i should be dead

    Jun an i know im sounding suicidal
    **** if you felt like you were drowning you would die too
    Only got one life so imma do it times 2
    I got the fluid im juiced
    With the movements i choose
    So in to it like screws
    But a few mines loose
    I just do what i do
    And what i do it cause damage
    Awh dammint
    **** aint all divine an they tryna say that god planned it
    Im just taking my chances
    Spitting something deadly like aids or like cancer
    Bring flames to my stanzas
    Up late im like danza...tony
    You aint changing my channel...homie
    Im pro see no phony but broskie genoblie
    Just no he gon hold heat an post on the corner
    You know that im so street like 40s(fawties) of cobra
    Or Old english roll trees an smoke a whole bow up
    Ten toes down until go up no hold ups
    You dope but yours dopes cut with your nose up
    Your soft blood you coke duff
    So touched
    Like im reaching out tryna choke some
    A man 'll stay and fight but them hoes run
    Im from the O son
    The cap city bandits lower level soljahz
    Rolling with that pole tucked like bet it dont bust
    I will leave you dead and so slumped
    Grind mode crunch im just eating rappers like yall lunch
    In that ride on clutch spinning tires thrown dust
    I want everything even **** that i don't want
    Like the **** it is
    Im so hungary that im glutenous
    The one that give it to you even if you dont want the shixt
    No once again i think all yall the feds and cause ex i could never trust a *****
    Come again
    Ill murder everybody and myself cause i dont want to live
  2. jun said:


    Cause i dont wanna live ...come again
    Cause i dont wanna live that kinda shixt ta make my stomach cringe
    Clocks ticking im punching in this jobs shixtty man fxxxk it then
    It paid better dime flipping at budget inn
  3. SharksFan99 said:


    Not bad. It probably would work well as a rap song.
  4. jun said:

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    Quote Originally Posted by SharksFan99 View Post
    Not bad. It probably would work well as a rap song.
    Lowkey thats what im going for