I'm tired of feeling like I'm blindfolded
20/20 vision ***** my eyes open
eyes open

an mines wide open
I spent my time hoping
but been sidelined only
no wonder when my times over
no one was in my sides corner
the tome to attone to soul of loaner
compose with ferocious
pen strokes give em doses
been cold ***** I'm frozen
not humble nomore an not holding no grudges
my motif is crumble
opponents get thunder
not holding tounge tool
I unload like dem guns do
on the real shixt and if you don't want it its fuxk you
busy overcoming his drug use
I quit doing pills, sniffing coke ,but the buds cool
tell me what does love do
when your down an out ,convicted a felon no one wants you
every time you call when your helpless and no one come through
standing on a ledge and gonna jump soon
"damn what happened man you need to come through"
"I just got off of work or else I woulda hit you up sooner"
"text me back so I know you got the message"
damn because of bro its like blessing
he came through in the last couple seconds
so I live another day to wade through these lackluster settings
I just wish my past wasn't depressing
and my dad was there instead of crack puffing and prison
my whole life I had nothing and that's from the beginning
that's why I hate when people act sad when I have nothing to give them
what a man does is he gets it
I never knew itd so damn much for me to deal with
honestly I don't see how other people did it
I mean that's the **** I been saying
the kid crazy witty the risk taker
big playa, shift swiftly to script pages
no bitxch in me, my dixcxk swanging
wrist breaking, **** I writ that I been thinkin