Good morning I am a singer/songwriter, playing mostly a mix of folk/pop/rock/jazz and I am writing my lyrics in English. However, as I am not a native speaker there might be two problems: The first one is simply grammar. If you can find any mistakes, please let me know. Second, and that one is harder to solve for me: the feel for the language. A friend of mine who is from the UK put it in the following words: "Your lyrics are technically correct. BUT sometimes I have to read them twice to understand. And sometimes you do not recognize that a line, a verse, a word might be correct but...ugly. Bumbling." And I know what he is trying to tell me from listening to "bad" poets and songwriter in my native language. So... Maybe you could take a look at this first piece? And let me know, what you think? Is it "smooth" enough? Does it have a little beauty? Or is more like fingernails on a chalkboard? Thank you in advance,


In my desk (working title)

There are days the world’s to fast
Every time you think you got
A step closer to the step upfront

There’s another thing, a flop
And every time you see the top
You’re already falling down

I wish there’d be place to halt
To take a break and make time stop
A secret hideout for myself
And maybe you, but no one else

A smell of unwashed cloth and stuff
That lives forever on my desk
The scent of long forgotten dreams
And nowadays necessities

Your postcard onthe wall fell down
The letters I should write lay still
Together with the books to fill
The chaos that I call my own


Do you know that I still have the box?
With our plan to free our souls?
It’s buried down in junk and stuff
But still alive and ready to be done


Maybe I should make the call
It’s just so ****ing long ago
What if, if you’re ready to go?