We are a song lyrics supplier for musicians and composers and we're looking for lyricists!

We are working on a platform, named PREMIUM LYRICS. PREMIUM LYRICS claims to become the world's greatest royalty-free song lyrics library. A platform where songwriters and musicians from all countries meet. Not every lyricist is a good musician and not every composer can write good song lyrics. The best results are achieved if everyone does what they can do best and incredible amazing new things can arise. At PREMIUM LYRICS, musicians and songwriters simply come together.

This is the beginning and your chance to be part of it! We are not connected to a publishing company, PRO, talent agency of any kind. If we cooperate, you have the non-exclusive right to independently make use of your lyrics in any way; you may not, however, grant any licenses to third parties.

Before you submit your application, please verify the following:

* You hereby warrant to us that you are the sole author of your lyrics, namely that all copyright and other rights in the lyrics belong to you and that the lyrics does not offend any rights of any third parties.

* You warrant you are not a member of a copyright collection society or any kind of Performance Rights Organization (PRO) e. g. GEMA, AKM, SUISA, BMI, PRS, ASCAP and have no current exclusive authorship contracts with a music publisher or similar entity.

* You should have minimum of 10 lyrics (Work) for our library.

* Please tell us something about you and your previous lyric works.

So here is the way:
First you need a free account to apply with us. Please register on this link:

Once registered and logged-in, please send us a 3 lyrics on this link:

If your lyrics have the potential to match our needs, we will reach out to you with all the further details. We'll get back to you as soon as we can!