"Ksenitia tou erota" by Giorgos Kalogirou : translation ?

Thread: "Ksenitia tou erota" by Giorgos Kalogirou : translation ?

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  1. annette-bzh said:

    Default "Ksenitia tou erota" by Giorgos Kalogirou : translation ?

    Hi there,

    I've got this translitteration of Kalogirou's song Ksenitia tou erota (ξενiτιά του έρωτα)
    Can anyone help me translate it ? Unfortunately I kdon't know a word of Greek.
    Thanks in advance,
    Annette - from Brittany, France

    Pano stou kivr aman aman
    Pano stou kikkou ta vouna
    Pano stou kikkou ta vouna
    Pefti omixli xamila
    Kai enas aetos vre aman aman
    K’ enas aetos psaxni na vri
    K’ enas aetos psaxni na vri
    Neraki krio gia na piei
    Vriski ena pefko aman aman
    Vriski ena pefko monaxo
    Vriski ena pefko monaxo
    Marazomeno apto kero
    Dipsa ki riza aman aman
    Dipsa ki riza tou na piei
    Dipsa ki riza tou na piei
    Neraki krio apti pigi
    Sena kladi tou aman aman
    Sena kladi tou xamila
    Sena kladi tou xamila
    Stekei o aetos ke to rota
    Pios afentevi aman aman
    Pios afentevi tin pigi
    Pios afentevi tin pigi
    Ke den vgeni nero na piei
    Tou erota vre aman aman
    Tou erota ini pigi
    Tou erota ini pigi
    Ke apto kaimo tou karteri
    Na rthi apti mavri aman aman
    Na rthi apti mavri ksenitia
    Na rthi apti mavri ksenitia
    I omorfi i korasa
    Na vri to niovri aman aman (x3)
    Na vri to nio pou karteri
    Na vri to nio pou karteri
    Ke apto fevgio tis pia den zei
    Ke apti pigi vre aman aman
    Ke apti pigi na pioun ksana
    Ke apti pigi na pioun ksana
    N’anthisoun pali ta vouna
  2. Amethystos's Avatar

    Amethystos said:


    First of all welcome to greek section of ATL.

    I feel so grateful to you annette-bzh

    Because of your post I discovered THIS DIAMOND ....


    How wonderful is our monophonic tradition .....
    I almost cried while Ι was hearing this.

    So to answer to your request, somewhere on the comments of the above video there are already 3 translation attempts.
    I chose the one I found closer to my taste created by youtube user " Kostas Mavraganis"

    Btw Κύκκος is a mountain in Cyprus

    So here we go (copied from youtube)

    Πάνω στου Κυ- βρε αμάν αμάν / On Kuk - vre man aman
    Πάνω στου Κύκκου τα βουνά / On the Mountain of Kukkos
    Πάνω στου Κύκκου τα βουνά / On the Mountain of Kukkos
    Πέφτει ομίχλη χαμηλά / the fog lays low (simili)

    Κι ένας αητός ψάχνει να βρει / And an eagle is looking for
    Νεράκι κρύο για να πιει / some cold water to drink
    Βρίσκει ένα πευκό μοναχό / He finds a lonely pine tree
    Μαραζωμένο απ’τον καιρό / withered by the passage of time
    Διψά κι η ρίζα του να πιει / Its root is thirsty to drink
    Νεράκι κρύο απ΄την πηγή / some cold water from the spring

    Σ’ ένα κλαδί του χαμηλά / On one of its lower branches
    Στέκει ο αητός και τον ρωτά / The eagle stands and asks
    "Ποιος αφεντεύει την πηγή / "Who is the master of the spring?
    Και δεν κραίνει νερό να πιεις" / and doesn't let you drink water?"

    "Του Έρωτα είν’η πηγή / "The spring belongs to the god Eros (Love)
    Κι απ΄τον καημό του καρτερεί/ who is painfully waiting
    Να’ρθει απ΄τη "μαύρη" ξενητειά / The return from the "vile" foreign lands
    Η όμορφη η κορασά / of the beautiful girl

    Να ‘βρεί το νιο που καρτερεί / So that she can find the handsome lad who is waiting
    Κι απ’ το φευγιό της πια δε ζει / and due to her leaving he is now hardly living
    Κι απ΄την πηγή να πιουν ξανά / And from the Spring they will drink again
    Ν’ ανθίσουν πάλι τα βουνά" / and the flora on the mountains will blossom once more".

    Has Nolwenn Leroy produced another celtic-folk song like "Tri Martolod" recently?
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  3. annette-bzh said:


    Hello Amethystos,

    Thanks you so much for this translation ! Yes, the version by Amalgamation choir is sooo beautiful, I love it too.
    Thank you also for the info about the mountain. I went to Cyprus last year, what a beautiful country !

    Nolwenn Leroy : well, I think she only release one breton album, I don't really know what she's doing now.

    Thanks again, a lot ! (sorry not to have found this translation myself, I don't really read youtube comments)
    Annette from Brittany