yo, you say this isn't me but guess what,

you did this to me
you let my soul fly free
but this me isn't something you said you wanna see
cause you afraid I'll sting you in the *** like a bumble bee
but guess what these lyrics are fully me
this is your son for a rolling around like a "g",

Shot in the pocket
roll around like I got the biggest rocket
till someone said put a sock in it
threw the cross around my neck
kept telling everyone wait just a sec
next thing I knew moms got in a wreak
in-spite of her I'm studying tech
now I'm the foster kid
moms just tell me what I did

Please, I was only eight
My mind was in another state
sorry about every time I came home late
I had more then my family on my plate
don't even know how you figured out the **** we ate
girl I was with was a main thought
the main reason we fought
now my brains in knot
look at the **** I cot
Smoking, Drinking, most of all Drawing

Now it's at the bit I'm gnawing
holy ****, my life's at it's own lonely wits
look mom, show you the new DVD-rom
remember the days when we had the app talking Tom
the crap to rap is a bomb
its dumb for a bum, to act like he got some
I ain't got a home, no bumper that's chrome
lyrics just flow from my ****ing dome
songs make me feel like I've got a home