In the pursuit of evil contagions released incite tenacious hatred
Resulting ramifications erases bible and Koran pages
Suddenly evil begins its domination Darknesses temptations are far too persuasive
For Longer than I can recall I've remained faithless
Long ago God handed in me his resignation
In deaths grip suddenly I felt weightless
Fate promptly makes its final arrangements
**** immaculate conception Mary mother of Christ I inseminated
Lyrics redefining raw effortlessly
I've created
Heavens endless treasures I raided
Lucifer and I are related my soul I traded
Verbally meditated homicide notoriously
I displayed it
The moment I was rendered heartless
all hope instantly faded
Victim of evils darkest orchestration
Castrating whack rappers for invading radio stations
Claiming the number 1 spot with illiterate fabrications
**** all you fakes only in hell am I celebrated deafened by the roar of jubilation
Listen if religion can justify god willing genocide you all face elimination
Corpses scattered amongst filthy trenches deaths stenches are so invigorating
Striking attacks so debilitating paramedics call time of death after defibulating
Not time for commiserating
Where you heading you won't find salvation
From shadows of darkness I stalk my prey salavating
Authorities label Exodus as the underworlds most brazen Caucasian
Victory at all costs I'm chasing
Fashioning serrated blades out of my enemies skeletal frames assuring the pains escalating amplification
Exodus is your butcher shop surgeon preforming back alley operations
Mc's get cut up volunteering for organ donation
Licence to kill the lucifer approved my registration
After Devilishly Snatching Christ from the manger I was awarded control of the underworlds many layers
The taste of blood sweat and tears eventually become fimilar flavours
Listen evil is imperious to containment spreading so rapidly it's contagious
Affecting the strong and courageous to the rich and famous
As reality erases a void opens and darkness replaces
Nothing and no one can save us
What truly defines evil I became this
Upon love and lights extermination pilgrims are left aimless
Seeking vengeance without a conscience is extremely dangerous
Training In the underworlds deepest chambers incarcerated within iron cages here In silence I waited
For countless ages meticously I planned histories most brutal invasion
Tearing up ya flesh with more holes than spots on Dalmatians
Rappers flock to my presence for education but from the darkest ****ing abyss I gather my inspiration
Rolling with a squad of regulators inflicting savage retaliation
God waits at the pearly gates in anticipation of recieving multiple afterlife invitations
All of the above is subject to individual interpretation
Recording In lucifers studio I allowed evil to dictate my statements
Darkness inspires verbal demonstrations so intricatly explicit
**** status and reputation its impossible for my skills to be imitated
Single handedly I alone created sadistic communications painting violent lyrical Illustrations
Forever I'll remain herbally medicated
as Mary Janes vapours enables
mental levitation
Surrounded by violent devastation
I achieve meditation instanously elevating my concisnous to the centre of all matter and lights origination
In the ancient library of Alexandria I studied knowledge so powerful all who rose to challenge were brutally decimated
Rebuilding civilisation in my image enslaving entire populations
Awarded lucifers highest commemdation
Into hells hall of fame I was inaugurated
Armed with a weaponised microphone
I begin emitting seismic vibrations calibrated specifically for brain function eradication
In the end death is my only obligation