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    Default Murderous Verses

    This is a story of raps illest lyricist
    Exodus the supreme cobra king
    Vaporizing unbelievers summoning ancient powers of king solomons ring
    Listen any mic in my possession
    is considered a doomsday weapon
    Lyrical slugz I'm slinging soon angels you hear singing
    I tried divine paradise but they wouldn't let me in refused entrance for a lifetime committing murder and sin
    I told you challenging the beast will cost you crucifying ya kin
    WHAT?? That line make you feel sick
    well how about this ya girl I've filled her up
    so much her nose drips
    I have to admit most rappers from after 99 end up in my recycling bin
    Old school mother****er you can see the veterans pin
    Iam the universes most notorious immortal being physically defining all 7 deadly sins
    You can find me smoking and drinking
    with demons and evil jins armed with a hellish arsenal so when we blast at you watch the kids body spin
    I travelled back in time to Jesus's crypt to take a selfie of me taking a piss
    Religion is purely a facade for those opposed to these truth exposing lingustics I spit
    Hollow tip slug to the cranium rappers bleed out on the concrete having fits after the spinal column was hit
    **** You know how it is
    I mercied the kid
    All you saw was his face split
    There was no witnesses no drama that's it moving to the next MC on my list
    **** producing a number 1 hit when my lyrics inspire you to go out like scarface puffing on a spliff
    I'll hijack a school bus and drive it off a bridge **** too far you think well this is only the beginning *****
    Rolling with a crew of natural born killaz we the streets version of seal team 6
    Trigger fingers forever they itch
    Without hesitation attrocities we commit
    All out warfare I'm ****ing ready and well equipped marching beside comrades
    we unite throwing up our fists
    From the underworlds darkest chamber
    I slaughtered my way through hordes of the undead only to reach the entrance finding hell is where we now exist
    You'll never see me coming lightning quick clutching the pistol grip
    Through flesh the lead splits Stalingrad sniper I never ****ing miss
    The good fight was over so long ago
    to the dark side I switched
    Tossing my soul into a bottomless pit
    My brutal reputation proudly I wear it
    you know the saying if the shoe fits
    Exodus the megalith builder fashioning ancient bricks from intergalactic materials arriving in annunaki transport ships
    The very moment you slip I'm there disposing your remains in this remote drainage ditch
    You know I got spot in the ocean where I feed the fish
    It's great for disposing of evidence legit
    oh **** I forgot about those 2 severed heads in the fridge next to the Guinness and AK with the extended clip
    I've never lost a scrap boxing goblins
    in the underworld gym
    All I know is how to win
    Coming at you with such velocity taking my prize as the battle ax swings
    For centuries I've been committing genocidal killings cuz all bloodshed is god willing
    Under the morpheious trench coat the 44
    im concealing ready at any moment to do some spring cleaning
    Nothing not even your sticks stones
    could break my bones emotionless
    I got no feelings
    **** spiritual healing all gods are imposters preaching words with absolutely no meaning
    Proceeding to target mosques and cathedrals firing hellfire missiles these are the cards
    I'm dealing
    The bones of your children for nutrients
    I'm feasting and just so you know there's
    no surrender no retreating
    Your ****ing right I can take a beating cuz the desert eagle 50 cal is what I'm wielding
    At your funeral I'm jacking off as your mothers screaming
    Upon my approach you immediately accept it's god you'll soon be meeting
    Listen I'm the devils advocate far from average ****ing lyrical savage unleashing critical damage trust me boy I'm more than you can manage especially now days I got a raging drug habit
    **** gods judgement I'll take my chances
    Only with the devil you'll find me dancing
    so if it's mercy your asking I'll light you up
    like the mother of dragons
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    Please all feedback is appreciated

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