In preparation for all out war there's always justification in such brutal lyrical mutilation
Committing felonies so brazen is this unpredictable caucasian who thrives off irreparable devastation
My insatiable hunger comes out of pure desperation
Suffering from crippling starvation I fixated
on evils creation conceiving what we now know as eternal damnation
When the reapers lurking there's no escaping
Death and bloodshed is my personal obligation so basically while I'm still breathing humanity remains endangered
Invading your quiet and peaceful nation enslaving entire populations to rebuild civilisation
King of the iron throne in hell I celebrated my inauguration
Listen murdering rappers is just a incomprehensible sensation
Spitting saliva laced with gamma radiation resulting in genetic mutations
Suddenly your vital signs begin dramatically deescalating
Brutally Inflicting linguistic abrasions surgically erasing ya cranium
There's no need to question my credentials or education
Exodus is your local butcher shop surgeon so send in the next patient
In times so ancient I spread plagues and famine for entertainment
Hiring deranged rabbis terrorising my enemies with castration
Raised in amongst histories most dysfunctional and violent generation
Your ****ing right there's no hope of salvation when selling drugs is our full time occupation
The strangest fact of them all my lyrics are
so outrageous you can feel that rage
it's contagious
For your information I possess Einsteins secret equation allowing me to travel through temporal rifts until I reach my intended destination
The very moment your mother was inseminated
In the end I begin facilitating armageddons arrangements authorities attempt containment unaware I already have Lucifers authorisation
I'll leave it up to your interpretation
But honestly let's face it
I'm just ****ing dangerous