I can provide heart aches most genuine linguistic designs
Raw emotion lyrically amplified
Word to wise this is Intended to open your eyes
All this suffering I can only begin to describe
Bodies rotting festering with flies
as countless innocent lives are turned to ash and dust inside bellowing furnace fires
If peace was our 1 true desire why do we see ourselves fit to decide who lives and who dies
Bad guys to wise guys when the chamber slides lead starts to fly just more senseless homicides
What's the point in living when everyday you must fight to survive
Innocence deprived child soldiers are young killers on the rise
When 2 opposing armies of darkness collide the aftermath is far worse than the accumulated death toll from all of histories recorded genocides
It's hard to find hope amongst utter devastation of war torn nations as entire populations are exiled
I warned you I tried there's no safe place
to hide
I feel inclined to remind the masses that
we are all living off borrowed time
There's no sunshine only pitch blackness looks like the end has finally arrived
Would you blame me if death was the only logical compromise
A ****ed up state of mind throughly justified
Evil is the true master of disguise
For those who bow their heads towards the sky you won't ever get a reply
Before I step over to the other side I just want to know why?
Was it the lies or failure to provide
Inside hatred drives miseries endless supply
My reflection is a stranger I no longer recognise
Allow me to testify by the time you process any of this its guaranteed
I'm deceased so the following is never
to be repeated
The end finally I can see it
Deaths grip never slips I can feel it
These days the rain falls no matter the season
The darkness is ever so intriguing
Basically if seeing is believing then I must be dreaming
Alone I stand as a heartless beacon
Your sorrows are now in my safekeeping
Regular abuse of liquor and drugs was my only means of memory deleting
My resolve was fatiguing defensives weakening happiness far from reaching
Competing for my right not to be euthanised eternally sleeping
Never receding misery observes its targets quietly creeping
Perceiving an environment full of chaos and violence there's no retreating
Perpetrated by those who's consciences are silent there's no armour or shielding
It's easy to see why evil is so appealing
Some nights I wake up screaming with tears streaming
Haunted by merciless demons constantly my downfall their scheming
The Devils grin is wide and gleaming
Confessions of the heartless is what your currently reading
Any reason to continue breathing misery is thieving
My heart and soul the devil is now seizing
Arriving in hell's underworld to Lucifers greetings I was subjected to evils rigorous screenings
In the face of death there's no cheating You can see the blood seeping from morning to evening
I'm not preaching at the very least I'm teaching
Why are we so determined to leave each other bleeding
No longer can I continue concealing my true feelings
Misery consumes all when feasting
Here to stay it's never leaving
There's no use in pleading remember it's only the reaper your teasing
As temperatures fall the arctic cold takes
it toll deprived of sunlights heating
Fleeing beyond the darkest horizons
an early demise was irresistibly pleasing
Releasing a history of violence bound to keep on repeating
Clutching a lifeless corpse a motherless child you can hear weeping
**** I've taken a ****ing beating blood sprays from the floor to the ceiling
Negativity dramatically increasing its hard to believe I'm still breathing
There's no surrender or retreating
All that what lost there's no redeeming
Even after spring cleaning subconsciously trapped are crucial feelings desperately revealing a future that offers no chance at healing
Lost love I'm tired of grieving suffering pain that came with no viable meaning
Miseries motives are so deceiving
If you want to know really true happiness is all I'm seeking
After receiving Lucifers personally signed
death certificate in a blood sealed envelope it's clear there's just no hope
In the shadows evil elopes
Facing enormous scrutiny my every action is under a microscope travelling down the steepest slopes
I can feel it tightening around my neck
the hangman's rope
Misery systematically manipulates and probes
Across the globe addicts fiend for a stimulated temporal lobe
Wearing free mason robes are Presidents to the pope and its humanities freedom in their scopes
I know I'll never reclaim what's owed in the end you reap what you sow
I've never felt so far from home traversing the loneliest of roads navigating through
a wasteland where time has froze
Here the stench of death settles in your nose
Covered in scars from my head to my toes repairing the damage has been excruciatingly slow
Dredging through the blackest snow searching for lone a rose
It's incredible how brutal conditions allows such beauty to steadily grow
Whispers I can hear them as the wind blows carrying incoherent echoes
I know this is far from the fate I chose
as my time comes to a close
Faithless pilgrims destined for a place deep down far below where the heartless go
I started sinning early so my hands always stayed dirty using acid for soap
Misery commands immortal forces indestructible like a headless roach
Forget and forgive is something I don't
Recover and revive you simply just won't
Realities boundaries begin to corrode after entering the incorrect reset codes
Upon a wave of violence the reaper rode
So with what little love and light remained
I tried to make the most
Lost and purposeless like a boxer without a ring or coach
Honestly I'm not sure how much longer
I can cope as chances of survival are at best remote
I'm like a musician trying to find the perfect note that resonates and emotes
Lyrically simulating the removal of gravitational forces causing you to float
Welcome to the horror show we all know the devil loves to gloat
Most of us are only concerned with amassing banknotes meanwhile refugees are massacred on inflatable boats
Trying to stay positive is a ****ing joke
In the event of my demise this is what I wrote
It's the heartless that never get a vote
Only to the darkness they devote
Shrouded in miseries cloak
A reality full of happiness is nothing but a hoax
The shadows of darkness are applied through multiple coats
In my sleep Cupid decided to cut my throat
Just like wheat and oats seeds of creation once grew in abundance now life is without substance climbing out this abyss without any rope
I guess in the end you can't fix what's broke
Surrounded in smoke day after day on Mary Jane fumes I choke
The truth is losing you hurt the most
I want you to consider each one of these words as my last dying quote
Haunted by ghosts lost love is all I can promote
Redemption far beyond approach
I spoke words that provoke heart aching devotions as time begins slowing it motion
Visions of desolation evoke hopeless emotions eliminating opportunities of mental promotions
Drowning in miseries bottomless oceans
I can feel the hatred inside growing
Everything that once held any meaning was stolen
Failing to find shelter from all the commotion victim of a virus malicious and Trojan
My happiness was its prize and ultimate token
Misery invades like a relentless empire of Romans
Striking with blows erupting into supernova implosions
Its a cureless poison inflicting ferocious corrosions
Struggling to maintain my focus the resulting outcome is nothing less than atrocious
Some nights I hear echoes of laughter and voices
Sub conscious memories and emotions intricately interwoven
What would you do when your empty and broken
Nothing but pain in every word spoken
Realities structure has been ravaged and corroded
Its collapse exposes vulnerable foundations to extreme erosion
Mankind's self inflicted extinction is unfolding
In any case it's a early demise I've chosen
I had no choice there was no opposing
My self loathing is riddled with toxins so potent
The Evil within has finally awoken as darkness rapidly converges revealing devilish omens
Let's be honest we all know where I'm going
Listen..you can hear the heartless moaning
There was no space available up above
in divine zonings so If there is a God
he's decided it's best disowning
Tired of this aimless roaming
I remember your eyes with love and light they were glowing
Time is constant and ever flowing but I'm sinking no longer floating
Approaching the finish line battered bruised and broken
In these final dying moments I laid it all out in the open
Out of time it's all over as my heart beat
was permanently frozen