Listen the trick to being gifted is simplistic just get artistic
I alone design genius lyrical encryptions
so ****ing explicit commonly known as
ill linguistics
Launching verbal assaults over extended distances with long range ballistics
Rappers now days are nothing but
a shame
**** the fortune and fame
Etching into the flesh of foreheads
my name
Well above average lyrical talent is what's currently on display
This is no game trust me after the chemicals I've injected reach your brain life as you know it will never be the same
In the event of all out war I the victor will be the last to remain
The iron throne is under my reign still filthy with bloodstains
Challenging the beast is considered ****ing insane
A death wish is all you got to gain
The aftermath is a stranger I paid to dig your grave on a day that's pouring with rain
Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a gangster
Consumed always by violent rage and vicious anger
Exodus manufactures anthems for body snatchers
Watching space and time fracture religious factions claim the rapture
Calculating quantum factors simultaneously overloading nuclear reactors
Here comes hells most feared attacker
Transforming the physical form of all opposition into Casper
I'm the universes greatest galactic tracker
radioactive energy I easily capture
Standing before you is the underworld benefactor army of the damned dispatcher
Far from an actor I alone rewrote bible and Koran chapters publicly executing preachers and pastors
Striking from great heights with precise accuracy is the jet fighter raptor
Accessing aviation mainframes hijacking military aeroplanes funding Eastern European hackers
Breaking and entering Area 51 hangars commandeering extraterrestrial laser protractors
Lucifer pampers only the heartless so that's why mc's leave here in body bag wrappers
**** swagger crushing skeletal bones
as if they were made from plaster
The outcome is nothing but a ****ing disaster
Make way for the dark lord and master murdering my adversaries intoxicated by laughter
Disintegrating rappers armed with a Dirty Harry blaster
You can pray to the almighty father but don't expect any answers
Evil gathers in shadows of darkness growing like cancer or cobwebs in the rafters
Erasing all forms of light and matter so cut the chatter before its your blood that splatters
Please excuse my ill manners as I proceed to shatter ya skull with Thor's hammer
Across the metropolis cadavers are scattered with Exodus as the prime suspect **** what can I say I'm flattered
I'm always packing my dragon bone dagger
After 1 too many Guinness I walk with a stagger but what the **** does that matter
As the end approaches faster and faster we all know there's no such thing as happily ever after