The devil and I made a deal
My innocence was his to steal
Feeling like a death row inmate savouring my last meal
For so long I've concealed the way I truly feel
Cold and hard like mild steel
The circumstances were nothing less than surreal
Darkness arrived to shatter realties seal
Blood sweat and tears congeal
Guilty of crimes against the heart there's no opportunity for an appeal
I know the timing is far from ideal
I can assure you the pain is real
Memories play out as if I was watching
a newsreel only to reveal the whole ideal
of love is nothing but my Achilles heel
Time is fates immortal author and artist
Into everyday life misery was casted
Shrouded in shadows of darkness
Loneliness is far from harmless
Hopeless like a farmer with crops impossible to harvest
Regardless cupids target all that's left was loves rotting carcass
Failure to harness results in mourning the forever departed
My presence alone is the definition of heartless
Redemption is always at its farthest
I never asked for this
Honestly liquor and drugs is all I lust
after all my dreams were crushed
Not even in myself I trust
Basically I'm out of luck and seeing you smile ****ing sucks so enough is enough
The rage contained once unleashed reverberates down through out the earths crust
We all started as particles of stardust
Other than materialistic possessions and devilish investments there's not much
Living a life void of love bad habits are
a must
Witnessing fates structure corrode and rust
In loves absence darkness blocks out the sun
Let's face it there's no where to run
If you sold your soul welcome to the club
This is heartaches one and only lyrical master
Misery inflicts devastation like an intense natural disaster
Facing my final chapter it strikes with a rusty dagger as I stumble and stagger
Consumed by dark matter sources of light scatter haunted by echoes of laughter
Seeking forgiveness from the pastor climbing the Devils ladder never to receive any answers
I sit alone king of miseries Iron Throne
Listen you can hear ghosts of the fallen whisper and groan
The little Ive achieved Its been on my own
In the end all I know for sure death is only reward
In the wind I can hear your name called Misery finally arrives to settle the score
No one is above the reapers law
My sub conscious stalls processing emotions so cold and raw
Love is a luxury I can no longer afford
Destiny was recalled as our paths were redrawn
Adorned with a crown of thorns I'm just another 1 of fates expendable pawns
Surrounded by flames hellfire roars
attempting knock on heavens door
after losing the only person I ever truly adored
In the end all Love and light was gone
There was nothing more...