Reality is fragmented and twisted after humanities extensive history of major inflictions
Evil is nothing but meticulous
In most cases hope is nothing but fictitious
Forcing generations of children to violent images each night on 6 o clock news
don't act confused
far from religious evil can't simply be diminished
It's existence will remain start to finish
Spreading plagues of incurable sickness
Preaching hate in all languages from English to Yiddish
Victims are expected to be infected within a matter of minutes
All God can do in the end is curse and grimace
I don't need your forgiveness because its survival of the fittest
Guzzling litres of Guinness before I get down to business
The following exhibits rhyme styles impossible to mimic
Exceeding the limits of rappers too timid transforming brain mass into liquid
You are about to witness intricate linguistics challenging the very fundamentals of physics
Death is imminent for any man facing intimate predicaments in the presence
of hells most devilish delinquent
Designing lyrics far more complex than metaphysic analytics
My true nature is violently vicious
that's why I got a thing for execution methods considered vintage
Slaughtering innocent citizens of entire villages
In the aftermath the world is suddenly
void of colours so vibrant
Only black and grey are applied in such thickness
City streets haunted by silence
occupied by an eerie stillness
For those unlucky enough to survive
hope is nothing but fictitious
Life in all its brilliance exposes intentions so suspicious
Time suddenly becomes priceless and precious subjected to illness so malicious
Amongst pathetic redemption efforts
we embark on our final pilgrimage travelling paths fatally perilous
This concludes evils conquest
Failure to invest lowers rates of interest
Fate stands to collect all the debts
those we honour and regret
No one is perfect or errorless yet it's only the dead who are truly fearless
Bloodied hands and clenched fists
reveal reversed crucifixes scaring the flesh just above your wrists
Welcome to a place where shadows of darkness are impossible to resist
Descending into the darkest abyss sunshine is something your guaranteed
to miss