Exodus is the one and only dark lord invading record stores exposing all frauds
slicing open rappers vocal cords
Swinging viking hammers they call me Thor bloodshed is all I adore
Wanted dead or alive is the planets most feared outlaw so I can assure
no ones coming to collect that reward
It's about time to settle the score slaying mc's with King Arthur's Excalibur sword
The aftermath of this vicious lyrical onslaught resulted in multiple corpses littering the floor
Blood spray patterns covering the walls
This is a warning for any man fitted with a glass jaw
When it comes to life and death im the 1 who makes the call
I got a heart that's arctic cold something that comes with being centuries old
Listen I've been murdering these rhythmic lyrics long before you emerged from your daddy's balls
The moment I entered the underworlds forsaken courts I was met with a round of applause
Death is a luxury I can no longer afford
Demonstrating rhyme design so raw
I can inspire world wars
**** the law especially when I got drugs to score robbing liquor stores armed with a Dirty Harry 44
Nothing you can do when it's your number that's called
Smashing through heavens doors as the skies transform unleashing the perfect storm
Each time the beast preforms single handedly I redefine hardcore like an orgy with a dozen European *****s
This is the beginning of the end so there's no time to repent once condemned to a dimension where all animation is suspended
Whatever little remaining reverence was lost roaming amongst darkness so endless
Exodus is the linguistic exorcist so murdering mc's is something I consider effortless
Society labelled me as histories most ruthless lyrical menace
Mercy you can forget it rappers these days are nothing less than pathetic
Their downfall I'll take all the credit
Evidence presented augmented the following conviction sentences passing time re writing old and new testaments
You can't expect to avoid my threat detection accurately selecting targets tearing up ya flesh with lead injections
Intimate inflictions are carried out in brutal conditions performing a c section on your intestines
You are about to witness the immaculate conception of lyrical perfection
Fatally lethal like a HIV infection so as a suggestion it's best you wear some protection or go get tested
Skull ****ing mc's with my massive erection
In case I forgot to mention the universe was my very invention that's what you get for not wearing contraception
Without question there's never a moment in the day where I'm not blazing the herbal session trying to relieve some tension
First impressions of supreme lyrical intelligence critics label offensive so **** the hypocrites supporting sensitive censorship
Lucifer and I are friends with benefits together slaughtering all opposition including defenceless innocents
Upon the day of my resurrection I was elected to be hells most distinguished representative devising the most sinister intentions
It's imperative I have your undivided attention make no exceptions murder is my profession determined to distribute evils shadow in every direction
Ordering my henchmen to bury ya family in limed laced trenches so if you wanna live to 100 mind your own ****ing business
Before I can finish your innocence I must relinquish
Succumbing to darkness that could never be diminished
Far from science fiction supplying rhythmic lyrics designed to decipher ancient hieroglyphics
Summoning demonic spirits applying knowledge of analytic metaphysics
You are about to enter the dark zone initiating nuclear overloads so out of control it explodes spreading lethal doses of radioactive microbes
Launching hordes of predator drones targeting your home transforming suburban neighbourhoods into middle eastern warzones
Laying to rest my adversaries deep within Vatican catacombs is raps very own
al Capone armed with a microphone proceeding to take my rightful place
King of the iron throne