It's clear the reaper is coming for you as you suddenly grow breathless
From the shadows threatens professional soul collectors
Lyrical projectile ejecta
So I hope you know the darkness that comes after death is silent and endless
Our final moments no matter who we are render us pathetic and defenceless
Only cowards plead for mercy and forgiveness
Discovering a John Doe corpse that's headless
It appears the city is being plagued by a psychotic menace
Sending my enemies home in a box to your grieving parents
In dark realms of the underworld I was commended for my extensive skull cap collection
Threat proximity alerts are detecting targets neglecting Kevlar protection
Initiating emergency interventions
Injecting lyrical amphetamines into the bloodstream of raw rap fiends
For centuries I have been perfecting my intricate linguistics
Carefully selecting scientifically tested methods
Solitary confinement was the indefinite sentence forced to serve out my penance
Passing time re writing the old and New Testaments
No longer do I fear death
In the end where I'm heading reputations hold little sentiment
Unworthy of the title heaven sent
Salvation is only for those with a soul currently present
Awarded lucifers highest merits earning the fear and respect of hells most notorious offenders
It's common where you find violence and crime I'm situated at its epicentre
Welcome to a mobsters paradise only murderers are permitted to enter
Any undesirables get jugulars severed
Better now than never
I find leisure in Wordplay so clever displaying talented skills you simply can't measure