I was raised amongst a generation so alienated
Fixiated on self preservation dreaming of living like the rich and famous
Vacant of purpose and obligation we are basically incarcerated
The price of forgiveness is so ****ing outrageous wondering if there is no God who will save us?
Roaming around no mans land aimless
The loneliness dissolves you in stages
No matter how you manipulate it pain isn't easily abbreviated
Allow me to lyrically demonstrate my self loathing and hatred
For far too long my kindness has gone unappreciated
I could feel it in the air so inadequately oxygenated
For a second I hesitated intimidated by public judgement but this isn't for your entertainment
This is suffering so remorseless like corpses full of riggamortis
I was the 1 who caused this trapped in the red forrest
I the witness helplessly watch all hope exterminated
Failures in containment led to love and lights immediate evacuation without any justification
Now alone in the dark my rage and hatred amalgamated
My heart and soul I traded looking at the man in the mirror he appears unrelated
If I was a betting man I'd put every cent on he'll never make it
The reapers blade is devilishly serrated inflicting surgical separations
It's true I need rehabilitation but I couldn't possibly afford the reperations
Memories of better days are all but faded
Too many of us turned vagrant sleeping on the cold pavement as evil and misery collaborated
I feel like it's about time for our struggles to be validated
Our downfall willingly we articulated
Our state of minds are irreparably contaminated
No need to debate it monsters are what we have created
None of the following can be estimated
Destiny can't be simply calculated
Worthy of redemption?? 1st you must be authenticated
Don't you know permission of entrance into the afterlife is strictly regulated
Heavily intoxicated I admit my demise was premeditated
All emotional abilities have been completely annihilated just as I anticipated
It's not complicated my misery is my invention sentenced to a lifetime of suffering ineligible of exoneration
Falling through the cracks of societies crumbling foundation
It's no wonder darkness has become such a fascination conquering everything in sight with such brutal determination
We are all inhabitants of a planet consumed by utter desolation
Evil has begun its blitzkrieg invasion tirelessly reeking havoc and devastation
so daily I'm blazing herbal medications
Upon close evaluation it's clear faith is a useless means of orientation
All in the name of some non existent saviour countless volumes of Innocent blood is shed permanently staining the pavement
Suddenly echoing from below is Lucifers standing ovation
You could argue that my interpretations are merely pessimistic observations
but honestly the darkness has become an infatuation
Face it salvations activation can never be achieved by accepting destinies ill fated ramifications
These final communications are dedicated to the heartless regardless the duration of my incarceration I'll always strive for illumination
In the end It's always the same equation
No fabrications just precise calculations
Remember there's no room for negotiation
Death needs no explanation