From the shadows misery hounds me for a response
You couldn't possibly compensate the cost of all that was lost
In loves absence the suffering just doesn't seem to stop
Falling from the very top
What remains is cupids corpse covered in black flies left to rot
Loneliness compounds until darkness was all that surrounds
Allow me to announce life offers no refunds or discounts
After everything sacrificed it all surmounts to nothing but empty accounts
These days your name is hard to pronounce
The final countdown begun as I adorn Christ's thorny crown
Growing up in the worlds most isolated town
Miseries intimately aroused by heartache that makes me scream so loud
Once full of such pride strolling in sunshine but to be proud was something the heartless aren't allowed
Floating In this vast ocean of misery slowly I begin to drown
If there truly is a God I'm sure he's looking down on me with a frown
I'm not even sure if I'll last another round
In the end death is void of all sound
Searching for something that can never be found
Echoes of laughter taunt as lost love is mourned
Images of the past flaunt loves dawn but all they do now is haunt
I'm alone no matter even if I'm standing in a crowd
My lungs and liver are certain to be rotten and foul
Maybe it's just time to throw in the towel
Listen I'm not here to tell you what life's all about
Honestly If this goes south and these words are the last to come from my mouth let it be known I was forced into taking the forsaken route
In the distance linger storm clouds but right now I feel like I'm trapped inside a burning house with no way out
This is the end without any question or doubt
I just can't seem to shake these bad vibes
The darkness just goes on for miles and miles
Running out of time at the end of the day everybody pays for their crimes
I tried the good life but fate was waiting around the corner with a double edged knife
There's a whole lot of things I've successfully done wrong and failed to do right
I know how and when but I'll never know why so constantly I stay high
Out of mind and out of sight death was the only comprise
Comforted by the cold grips of an early demise
From the reaper you can't hide
Destined for a place where exists no love or light
Just take a look into my bloodshot eyes if it's heartache and pain you seek I'm here to provide
All truth no lies