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    Default Definition of E.V.I.L

    I was raised on the west where the heat is the ultimate test
    Roaming these mean streets you are my guest so all I expect is the utmost respect
    After consuming all this liquor and green I'm a wreck
    Releasing nerve gas through circulating air vents if my demands aren't met
    Listen I was raised back in the day where if you got out of line you got your chin checked
    Can't **** with this devil kid I'm a vet
    My Dirty Harry 44 will mos def inspect ya deck ain't no protecting ya neck
    On ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablet texts my name is etched
    Even the heavenly divine were forced to purchase Kevlar vests
    God I must confess I'm on the darkest of quests sucking on Mary Magedlines breasts watching her undress penetrating her immaculate nest
    It's clear with absolute evil I'm obsessed
    The following will be difficult to digest
    Rhymes that contest hatred so heinously expressed
    **** your best my best is devilish **** only in lucifer I invest
    ****ing right my guerrilla fingertips make your *****es ***** wet
    Matters not what I spent even if I'm down to my last cent **** death the reapers in my debt
    Just so you know I got a freezer in the shed where I keep all the severed heads
    Holy Ghost liquidator this is the beginning of the end
    The good book **** it I've never read
    Any and all Gods I resent
    My descent you couldn't prevent
    Since inception religion has brought endless torment so intense
    Blood stains the cement murdering with lucifers consent
    I don't need forgiveness never will I repent
    **** climbing the heavenly ascent when I must exact revenge assassinating the president
    Enhancing strengths and senses installing specialised bionic augments
    Demolishing your preachers convent there's no time to make amendserasing all evidence of malcontent
    Pushing more horsepower out of the stolen Benz
    Each segment underwent raps most impressive assessment
    Rising to the top you couldn't deny me a single percentage
    Only for the heartless do I represent
    Stealthy through darknesses shadows I crept killing while you slept
    Laughing as your mother wept
    Sparking up a sesh buds so devilishly red
    Next it's amphetamines I inject veins carefully I inspect and **** your judgement I humbly object
    We all know where I'm heading in the end
    No matter how why what or when I'am guaranteed to offend
    Into the darkness descends Exodus the underworld necromancer resurrecting an army of evil dead
    I possess Einstein lyrical intellect rhymes designed from legendary specs
    Radioactive particles I Ingest igniting interstellar gases so dense
    We all know the wicked never rest
    With mindless violence I affect
    It's your funeral just take another step
    I'll snap your ****ing legs
    High speed chase in the WRX quick right then left **** dead end
    Those get out jail free tokens I'm holding I gotta spend
    Bang bang bang I'm gone in the wind
    This goes out to any rap artist and MC a new hobby is what I recommend
    I don't know a ****ing thing about making friends
    I'm so evil committing murder and sin there's honestly no need to pretend
    Compliments of the soviets nuclear arsenals I send in express no regrets
    Who's next?
    Mailing improvised explosives to your residence using fed ex
    Listen your girls ***** needs stitches after all that flex redefining the act of hardcore sex
    I don't dress to impress like napoleon I dress for conquest
    Robbing federal reserves all over the globe currency building without taxable interest
    MC Life expectancy figures are in deficit
    Slowly emerging out of the shadows I exited
    Always committed to spitting carcinogenic linguistics there's no clean edit
    The scalps of my victims steadily I've collected
    Evil I alone invented
    Pure evil intertwined into each sentence
    Yes you guessed it I'm filthy and wretched
    Welcome to the lyrical presipice
    Spraying lingustic kintectics so effortless
    **** breaking and entering the premises
    Robbing the 1% for Bentley's and Rolex's
    King of the iron throne harnessingincredible powers of Templar codexes
    Salvation forget it humanities apocalyptic extinction commences
    Death overwhelms its stenches
    Corpses rotting in disease ridden trenches
    Upon my arrival I was commended at hells entrance so rappers pay your penance
    Immediately twisted lyrics reassureall critics I know no boundaries pushing reality to its limits
    This is right here is a MC's 5 fruit and veg
    To the darkness for eternity i pledge
    Your soul to the hellhounds i fed
    So when it's all done and said
    I'll put you to bed witness the riggamortis infest
    Never been under arrest cuz I keep a revolver under the armrest
    Coronial inquests reveal the countless MC's I brutally molest
    Such evil is clearly difficult to process as focus remains on hells greatest lyrical manifest
    Until now such knowledge was suppressed
    From my war chest I select sharpened implements necessary for exterminating fowl pests
    For far too long I slaved for minimum wage testing my patience
    Realistically we all just another number who's faceless
    The underworld below consists of multiple stages exposing chamber halls so spacious evil's ultimate basis
    Rolling blunts out of bible and Koran pages suddenly I'm feeling weightless
    Baptised in the blood of the innocentis evils most notorious agent
    Before you stands a violent vagrant who can smell deaths fragrance
    As the reaper engages chalk outlines begin to the litter the pavement
    You wanna make a statement
    One word should explain him
    The moment you became complacent
    I start aiming
    Breath saving
    Scope ranging
    Headshot got you shaking
    The blood spray was amazing
    **** your gold star ratings
    Storm clouds converge acid starts raining
    Light and darkness begin exchanging
    Displaying outrageous rage and hatred
    it's no wonder bloodshed I'm craving
    Results are nothing less than devastating
    Authorities describe the assailant as a previous mental patient who worships satan
    Cooking crack in hells basement was a legally binding engagement
    In exchange I relinquished my heart and soul leaving space so vacant
    This isn't a bad dream long ago i awakened naked in wastelands so forsaken
    Watching all hope fading an early demise is worth trading
    Mother****er I helped pay my parents mortgage pushing rocks for payment
    Let's take it back to times so ancient savage bloodsports provided entertainment
    Now Social media has enslaved an entire generation
    As elders strive for salvation our youth sell drugs and shoots guns as a full time occupation
    Population displacement is currently the greatest threat humanity faces
    Our leaders suppress this information
    Oppression of all imagination
    The world collapses into desolation
    Nuclear fallout eradicates all vegetation as pilgrims quote verses from revelations
    The end is near so its time to make final preparations before evil begins its occupation
    The blitzkrieg invasion couldn't possibly be evaded
    No time for commiserations on this somber occasion watching the planets dramatic transformation
    Shadows so dark cast over the only remaining havens
    Imposing strict regulations there will be no replacements
    Preforming delicate operations is this educated caucasian inflicting massive abrasions
    Listen upon activation of my Einstein inspired equations sub atomically
    I begun manipulating space time vibrations
    Upon the universes ultimate creation I sent all light and matter citations
    All the above is how I vent my frustrations through these vivid lingustic illustrations
    These are dark side translations
    Just remember there's no compensation
    Even if you make it there's no celebration
    So Ive chosen to remain isolated
    In the hells gallows I was incarcerated
    Over ages the beast lay in hibernation until the day of my inauguration
    Basically the only thing keeping me alive is utter desperation
    Navigating through darkness so degraded I watched the blood drain down the basin
    Closing declarations consolidate evils dedication
    No matter your final destination
    You know with death there's no escaping
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